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April 7, 2019

So I'm late ha

Hey hair buddies,

Looking at my last post I realize I didn't update last month.  I posted on Facebook but not here.  Last month was a blur.  It was filled with preparing for the spring break international trip and then taking said trip and then coming back and working like a lunatic like normal.  I did get a retwist so I'm going to post that in a second and then post my April update as well.  This was an oil retwist which isn't my fave as my gray hair is like ma'am really very quickly afterwards.  It held up well though and by mid month was hanging cute enough that it was commented on and that I took photos of so I could memorialize the moment.  That photo is the third in the list. 

So this month my retwist got moved because of a sick tiny human and since I'm not an ogre Friday it is.  It was good and I was able to catch the process early so I could go back to the cream/gel because it holds longer with my hair.  My hair is still growing well and is again striking out on a path on its  own.  Around my front edges my hair is a pretty even mix of black and gray.  But apparently when a coworker thought my hair was getting lighter it wasn't because of the oil I was using to moisturize my scalp.  Nope, in different parts of my hair the roots are just growing in white or gray, whatever you want to call it.  I knew it would at some point just based on the rude gray hair that keeps popping up on my chin and randomly on my arm but apparently my embracing the gray is for the best.  I could dye it but my pockets aren't that deep.  Regardless, I'm still loving my hair.  Sleeping is the biggest issue now as the locs are long though that I have to get creative to keep them completely covered at night but this is just the start of all of that so I better get used to it.  Anyway brought on by a question from my brother on how long they had gotten since this process started in July, here's a collage of July, October, and January I think plus this month.  Still loving it.

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