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April 28, 2019

New tickers and timing

I added the ticker for my locs today.  When people ask me about things I sometimes remember but the tickers make it easier to do a direct tracking of things.  I am officially just over 9 months in this journey even though this will be my tenth follow up.  I've gone literally every for weeks to let someone tend to my hair which means this month I'll go twice.  First of the month and end of the month.  That 11th follow up will put me at 10 months in with appointments in June and July bringing me into a full year loc'd.  The process has been eye opening in a lot of ways. 

I have been dreading the ugly phase but I'm not sure that my hair has ever really been ugly to me.  It was thinner and less like a hair style in the beginning but everything since then has gotten better.  There's frizz if it's been a few weeks since my last retwist but I'm okay with that too.  And over the last few months my hair has hit a nice growth spurt so the very small locs that were started in July look nothing like the ones that are up for a good wash and style.  I of course am not beyond social comparison so I keep looking for videos of locs around my size and same time on this journey.  The only thing I wonder about from time to time is the super neat parting that would make my hair look more like braids.  Neither my original loctitian of the one that replaced her on maternity leave were overly concerned by that as they both talked about working with your hair and the shape of your head as much as possible.  And I stopped worrying about it because the only women with gray hair that I have seen with super neat parting mostly seem to have hair snatched back into styles or thinning areas with really long locs.  I'm not really shooting for either of those things so I've gotten over the parting.  The locs I like the most, bias totally being in play here if I am thinking about it, look like mine or like I think mine will look eventually.  Especially those with gray hair, thick and full and clear pattern for the locs but not super neat.

I have been somewhat jealous of the dyed locs but I remember why I stopped dyeing my air years ago and really don't want to damage my locs before they really get a chance to turn into whatever they want to be.  The colors are cute though so I will definitely be stalking those that do them from time to time.  I just won't be joining in cause yeah I'm not ready for things not to go well and then I'd be salty at myself indefinitely cause it was my fault lol.

I have finally rebooted my gym routine and it's been easier to keep my hair chill now that it's longer.  I keep a headband on the roots to catch the immediate sweat and then a larger sock to keep the rest of the hair secure while I move through my routine that can sometimes involve putting my head on equipment.  I really wasn't thinking about it in terms of protecting my hair but it does that too.  It reduces the amount of gross I have to share with others and eliminates friction of my hair against leather or yoga mats. 

Hmm I think that's it.  I'll be rocking day before retwist hair at the P!nk concert and then get my hair done as a wrap up to the month of wellness.  How's life treating you.  Oh and here's a photo of me and my promoted/tenured colleagues that shows my hair last week.

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