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December 30, 2020

Long time, new product

I haven't spoken about them in a minute but Influenster kept opting me in to campaigns I either couldn't participate in because of where I lived (products not available at the local branches of the stores they were were working with) or I was disinterested in entirely (like testing a product to help me quit smoking except I've never smoked).  So color me confused when a box arrived yesterday.  The box below to be specific.

Don't get me wrong I LOVE free things that make sense for my life and will happily report on them.  However, can't do that when things just aren't in my lane.  The box said it was fragile and there was liquid inside so yeah I was nervous.  But upon opening the box my fears were laid to rest because this was inside.

So I just realized that's a horrible photo but I'm tired and you aren't getting a new one right now ha.  It's Dark and Lovely Hair Hydrator with Rice Water Complex.  If this had been a different brand I may have rolled my eyes a bit but Dark and Lovely is a Black hair care line from way back.  Before anyone asks, no it is not Black owned anymore.  It's part of the L'oreal group of brands now but as far as I can tell unlike Shea Moisture or Carol's Daughter the Dark and Lovely brand has not tried to be super inclusive of every hair type.  That's important because it means they know their base and haven't lost focused on that target.  Ok moving on from that brief detour.  Looking at the ingredients in this product and it looks like something a natural hair having Black woman would probably use.  First ingredient is water and then there are a bunch of oils that I would or have mixed together with water to spray on my locs over the last few years.  The directions instruct you to use it daily, or as often as you would like, to keep your hair moisturized and encourage growth.  Since I just got it yesterday, today will be my first day using it and I will alternate between it and my own spray bottle of goodness to see if I notice a difference.  Regardless, you will get an update and this should prompt me to revisit my hair regimen especially over this winter which is intent on being cold with no snow which seems like a waste.

I'll update with my thoughts in a few weeks.  Have a great rest of Kwanzaa and happy New Year.

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