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May 28, 2012

Random Hair Questions

I've been roaming KISS this weekend now that I am just in a holding pattern to find out about next phase of employment and some things popped into my head tonight and others I've been wondering about for a while.

My blow dryer died probably four months ago.  I haven't really missed it and wasn't using it that much before it died.  Should I replace it or just keep going with the hood dryer as needed?

I've been around for almost a year and still don't fully understand the whole moisturize and seal thing.  I moisturize my scalp as needed but specifically what is the seal portion of this equation lol.

I prepoo but don't always deep condition afterwards because my hair feels great usually after my conditioner routine in combo with the prepoo.  What's the benefit of deep conditioning if you prepoo?  Or is that an unnecessary step.

For anyone using more than one leave in, do you mix them up or just put one on and then the other?

Anyone else understate where they think their hair length is because they don't want to get overly excited about progress?  Like right now I think the front is at my shoulders but I keep second guessing cause the back isn't as full or long.

Anyone else using the kimmaytube leave in?  How's it working for you?  Feels like that boost of castor oil has made all the difference in my hair overall.

I think that's it for my randomness for tonight lol.

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