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May 18, 2012

Long long day

I have had an interesting week.  I have officially put in a resignation for my job to disappear in a few months.  I'm actively looking for a new job (thank heavens there are openings where I want to go).  Feeling a little betrayed by people who I used to love and respect.  And it's the anniversary of my dad's death.  And in my push to reach 12 weeks post I forgot that until I was waking up and remembered my hair appointment.  I was the only client for my stylist so that didn't take long and we always have a good conversation about everything so it was good to see her, get some outside perspective and get some prayers from a good friend.  Spent a while talking about any and everything after she was done and went home.  I also dyed my hair with a black rinse because the contrast between the salt and pepper hair and the used to be blowout burgundy hair was bothering me.  No more after this though.  I kinda like the salt and pepper so it will be allowed to come back in on its own.  My hair feels a lot healthier, thicker and it's still growing.  Not sure how much, I need to take a photo to compare it to the last shot.  But it wont happen tonight.  I'm so sleepy I can't see straight.  I was a little sad I may not be able to use my length check shirts with my current stylist but the Lord is telling me this part of my journey may be at an end.  Nothing wrong with moving forward to something new.

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