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June 2, 2013

Approaching 2 Year Hair Anniversary

I just realized this weekend as I was prepping to wash my hair that next month I will have been on my hair journey for the last two years.  While I still have some areas that need improvement, my hair has grown a lot and is MUCH thicker overall than it used to be.  It feels like the ends are getting a little thin but that could be because I'm not doing the best job finding protective styles.  I hope to get a relaxer on Friday or Saturday and see how much hair is retained because I'm probably in need of a trim.  I did take photos today though, surprise lol.  My edges look much better and I have a composite shot of what has happened since they broke off in March.  And I took a few shots of my new growth even though the gray hair seems to be obscuring the wave pattern.  I did prepoo but today I wasn't feeling a post wash conditioner so I skipped that.  Shed more hair in the shower than I would like but not too much during the detangling and NO matting this week so I don't have to go back through it tomorrow comb through again and reach for any knots.  There were no knots this week really at all so that's a win.  Just gotta get in and let the creamy crack do it's job again.  After this relaxer I'll be able to see where I'm really at growth wise and be able to set better goals for the next year of my hair journey.  And what I want to do with the hair color situation.  Anyway here ya go.  Photos.

 Hair loss from detangling

Edges Update

New Growth, just look bushy to me


  1. Your edges have grown back :) Waiting for your relaxer results!

    1. Yep pleasantly surprised how well they came back in. As soon as I hear from my hairdresser I'll be able to know when my hair will be nice and smooth again.