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June 1, 2013

French Open Baby

No I'm not having children and honestly nothing much is going on here because it's storming yet again.  I'm VERY glad that my area has not been hit by the tornadoes but over the last three weeks or so I've been on edge every time we have prolonged storms that a clap of REALLY long thunder is really the wind build up from a tornado.  My grass looks a mess but so does everyone else on the block.  Prolonged rains plus not a lot of drying out time in between means healthy green quick growing lawns.  Ahh well.

It's time for another major in the tennis world and I'm so excited.  This is the only time the insomnia works in my favor cause I'm up in time to see a lot of the matches live.  Two people I don't like are playing and unfortunately one looks like she may win her match.  I have no real justification to dislike Sloane Stephens OR Victoria Azarenka other than they are kind of annoying to me.  Decent players, quickly beloved by the tennis world because they are so friendly and so outgoing but are just meh to me.  Granted it's neither one of their faults entirely.  Tennis banks on media darlings and leaves the old more reserved players in the background because they will win regardless and there's nothing to build around on them.  Even though they will milk a potential story with them too.  I'm very solidly Team Serena so I hope she wins even though she's done better than she did last year already so provided that Maria Sharapova goes out before she does Serena should still be number 1 in the world regardless of the win here based on WTA's yearly points thing.  I have to come to respect Sharapova just like Kobe Bryant.  Neither will ever be my favorite humans but they are good hustlers and have a real drive to win.

The men of tennis, oh me oh my.  If you don't watch on the regular you should tune in.  There are some very CUTE (cayoooote as my girls would elongate it) men playing in this year's draw.  And they are very fit and toned and muscley (pardon me while I wipe the drool off the corner of my mouth) and have great accents and names.  Fognini, Paire, Djokovic--k that's more difficult to pull off but if you like weird sports names like me then he's a good one too.  I really only dislike two players on the men's side and even one of those is lightweight.  Roger Federer, much like the San Antonio Spurs for NBA folks, is just BORING to me.  Paint drying would be more entertaining.  He's a world class player but the only time I only half way liked him was right after his twins were born because talking about them made him adorable and then it was back to tennis as usual and bore bore bore.  Rafael Nadal is a totally different situation.  I seriously HATE Rafa.  He's great on clay but he is rather whiny to me and Oh MY GOD if he does not quit digging his shorts out of his ass I am going to find him and steal all his shorts.  I will replace them with bigger ones but oh my that's just grossing me out thinking about it now.

Anyhoo, here are some tennis hotties for you.  If you have Tennis Channel use it, if not wait till they hit the air or watch on ESPN.  So pretty.

 Fabio Fognini--Italian

 Feliciano Lopez--Spanish

 Novak Djokovic--Serbian

 Benoit Paire--French

Jo Wilfried Tsonga--French

Forgot about this cutie

Janko Tipsarevi--Serbian


  1. 'Kind of annoying' is sometimes all it takes. So you're into hot men of tennis? Sounds perfectly normal to me.

    1. Yeah clearly it's all it takes cause I was annoyed with both of them this morning. And yes hot men of tennis make it more interesting even though I love tennis even when there are no hot men playin.