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June 20, 2013

I Can Control The Universe with My Mind

Well not at all really and I'm sorry if you're now disappointed by my whole fake out mind control thing.  Not really though cause if you think a short brown woman has the power to rearrange the world with her mind you should probably be looking for Oprah and not me.  Anyhoo, I was hoping to hear from the realtor today and I did so we're going to keep pushing on the two most reasonably priced houses for now and see what our options are.  She's been fantastic and I will have to give her a gift and/or recommend her to everyone looking for a place to live.

Then I found out through my normal blog hopping that I won a giveaway that Lauren at Filing Jointly and Lauren of Origami Owl hosted a few weeks ago.  I went exploring on the site and think I have found an adorable collection of charms and things to put together.  I may have to pay a little extra but that's because I'm including everyone in my family in the piece (mom, dad, brother, sis in law and nieces plus me of course).  It may depend on how big the charm needs to be in order to hold all of those smaller charms.  Totally rocks to win stuff unexpectedly especially when it's so pretty.  Part of my brain is saying but what if you get married and have babies?  Well I guess I can make one for that new family too.  But right now my family is pretty set.

Boo hiss looks like the Heat won another championship but as the NBA is fading in my line of sight more and more each year I guess it really doesn't matter.

Hair updates coming this weekend when I stop being lazy and wash it instead of just moisturizing it.

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