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July 9, 2013

Hey People

Sorry I've been in the wind lately.  I'm trying to finish packing, move money out of savings and into my primary account for the movers and oh yeah find a place to live.  Things were so much easier when I moved her cause it was just me with the possibility of my mother moving in.  Eight years later I happened to stumble upon the last moving contract I signed--for less than 1600 pounds of stuff.  They are projecting this move to be around 6400 pounds.  Guess how much of that is mine now?  Still around 1600 pounds.  Probably less than that because for once I'm letting go of things especially if I don't use them or they are so old there's no point in keeping them.  Clothes, books, letters, old bills and taxes (I tended to hold on to those under the premise that I would eventually shred them and didn't want anyone stealing my identity).  One more round of purging and I will just have a few clothes, books and collectibles to pack.

I've missed updating you on two wash days but nothing major happened.  I think the Great Detangler is working wonders but I'll give it a few more weeks.  I guess I have to pack up the hair stuff too but I may ship that just to make sure it doesn't explode in the back of the truck.  I'm almost done with the Origami Owl necklace creation process and I will share it with you when I get it.  I'm having a family piece created that I'm excited about.

I'm finding lots of other random things too and those are making me smile.  I pushed the movers back to see if the nice realtor mother found can close the deal on the house otherwise back to apartment living we go.  That will be a straight pain in the ass but I'm tired and need to get moved.  I'll update more when I get a chance.  What's going on in your world ladies and gents?

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  1. I can just imagine the hectic packing:) Wishing you the best in the new move.