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July 24, 2013

Pre Move Update

Hey everyone,

looks like everything is finally on track for us to relocate now.  Movers will be here Friday morning.  As soon as I can confirm the car transport then we will fly out on Saturday.  Stay in a hotel until either late Sunday or Monday morning.  Do some running around to process my information so I can get paid.  Set up the cable--hopefully get the car delivered that day, finish negotiating some things that have come up from the home inspection provided that hasn't been done already.  Nothing major but things of concern for me.  And then a few days later start work.

I've had my last wash day in this house.  Or at least my last planned wash day.  I have closed up the big pump bottles and figured out I need to replace my conditioner.  I always run through that so much faster than my shampoo.  I did a flexi set and need to figure out how to get it to dry faster.  It's taking forever even when I let it mostly dry completely before adding my leave ins and detangling.  Unfortunately since I was being a lazy bum I did lose a lot of hair this wash day (which was actually Monday after an overnight prepoo).  I'm going to donate some more hair products to my hair dresser who is coming to look at a set of china momma is finally parting with before the move.  Even though nothing major has left the house it's feeling somewhat emptier with the things we have donated, given to the neighbor for their help, sold at the garage sale or flat out trashed.  I still haven't worn my giveaway prize but when I'm up and moving it's packing time and I don't want to break it.

And I just saw something on FB that makes me know I did the right thing a few months back when I finally broke things off instead of letting them drag on and on.  He seems to be happy and things aren't complicated for him any longer.  I'm feeling a little lonely but not for that relationship or even the promise of what might have been.  Things move on because they have to.  I've talked to a few friends and my brother and really it's time for this chapter of my life to close.  And that's a good thing honestly.  I'm looking forward to developing a new routine, learning a new city and just engaging life in a different way.  What's up with you guys?

See ya maybe before the move but probably not until after we get situated at least at the hotel.

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