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January 5, 2014

Greetings from Snowmageddon

I am one of the millions of humans being inundated by ridiculous amounts of snow.  I am keeping my fingers crossed, and saying my prayers that we are able to stay warm and safe through all of the hubbub.  I think it has finally stopped snowing but that's about 10 inches of snow later give or take an inch.  The wind is going to be the biggest issue over the next few hours as it makes the temperature drop to dangerously low points for a full day.  Work has been cancelled and we have been cautioned to stay home unless we have to be out.  Believe me I am so not headed anywhere.  I planned on sneaking over the gym this morning and yeah the snow was already making the road disappear so I gave up on that.  I get my one and only workout of 2014 in yesterday.  Spent an hour moving through the ab routine, full body weights and then hit the treadmill and bike until my body said psst lady get the hell up.

I had to hit the grocery store allegedly for one last thing but that never ever happens plus the store was packed to overflowing with humans and barren of staples.  I loaded up on what I could, paid for it and came home.  Now I'm watching Betrayal, mostly because I mightily lust after Stuart Townsend, and I'm hoping these random light flickers are just because I'm tired and haven't really had the lights on this late lately.  We're in and just trying to entertain ourselves until this improves.

I have started my second inversion.  I figured this would be a good time to do so since yeah not sure when leaving the house will become an option.  That gave me time to surf the Sephora website and close the deal on some new skin care products.  Depending on the lighting I can see very defined dark spots on my cheeks which I hate.  They also included a few samples and a skincation kit which had a bunch of samples to use.  I'll see which ones I like and I will review them in turn.  I need to get my skin under control as I'm working on the rest of me too.  I am upping my water intake too.  For ever 1.4 ish liter of V8 Fusion I finish I drink the same amount of Crystal Light.  So far I'm going through a bottle and a half each day or so but since I'll be in the house I'm sure that will increase.  The V8 Fusion gives me a serving of fruit and veggie in each 8 oz serving which is good but the water helps too.

I can say a bit about the Fuzz Off I got the last time I went to Ulta.  It is MUCH better than the Nair facial remover.  My hair is course and the Nair seemed to make it softer but not really remove it.  I don't think I used enough the first time but it did remove the majority of hair I put it on the first pass. The second pass got rid of the rest of it.  The tube itself is great.  You have to turn it to the on position so no chance of accidental spillage (and since its 24 bucks a tube yeah for no accidental spillage).  And there's a lip that could be used to help smooth on the cream but I used my fingers.  That's a good thing because I feel my chin often with the same fingers and it made sure I hit the hairs that like to say eff you Nair.  So far so good on remaining smooth and it's been three days or so I think.  I'll monitor better the next time.

And finally I did have a wash day before the gym.  I think I washed my hair on the 1st after my post.  I let it prepoo over night after detangling with my fingers.  For the most part it was a smooth wash day.  I added the Mizani MoistureFuse and skipped one of my shampoos mostly because I couldn't find it.  I wrapped it and crossed my fingers.  It dried pretty straight which is a minor miracle.  Since I only planned on going to the gym when I took it down it didn't need to be super straight anyway.  I was going to flat iron it in the morning but yeah snowmageddon.  I'll moisturize and seal it when I get up in the morning and figure out what I'm going to do for the day besides eat.  At least I made a ton of new salads so we can grab something easily.

So what is up in your neck of the woods?

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