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January 18, 2014

Saturday Updates

Not sure how long this will be but figured I should say something since I haven't actually shared any news since Sunday lol.  I have been in the gym kinda religiously.  I skipped Thursday because I was exhausted but otherwise was in the gym the rest of the week and hit the pool this morning again for swimming lesson number two.  My body is tired now.  I'm not sure if it's from the actually floating and kicking I did today (that was cool) or a combo of the full body workout on the weights I did in addition to the 30 minute express station and 12 minute abs from yesterday.  Either way I haven't allowed myself to doze off because I'm sure I will be up at 5 in the morning if I do.  I still love my swimsuit as well and ordered a new one along with a pair of boy shorts to replace the ones I have now.  Not because there is anything wrong with them but when I get out of the pool it feels like I've gained 10 pounds of water.  I also ordered two new swim caps.  The silicone one I bought isn't bad but I have a HUGE head so things don't fit it easily.  Well not hats anyway.  And maybe it's not huge but it's still bigger than my swim cap is ready to accommodate.  Unless I'm part fish at the end of these classes I think I'll sign up for phase two in a few weeks.  It's good exercise, I run into everyone in town and it's cute watching the kids master skills faster than me.

I think I'm going to need a trainer for my workouts though.  I do enjoy being in there and getting up a good sweat but I'm not sure I'm doing the right things to get me slimmed down the way I want.  My weight keeps going up and down even though all of my clothes are starting to fit differently.  I am doing pretty good upping my water intake as well and remembering to take all of my vitamins.  Overall I'm feeling better even if the scale doesn't love me yet.  And I may be able to attend a conference on someone's dime if things go well.  Back to my prepoo.  God my week was boring lol.  What is going on with you?


  1. Lol @ the swimming lessons I always get amused when adults recount their lessons seeing as I learned to swim as a child don't worry it get's easier with practice. Gym membership is wasted on me I will never go unless I am staying at a hotel then maybe I will use their gym facilities. I had membership at a health club once but only ever used their swimming pool never even glanced in the direction of the gym lol. I prefer to do at home workouts thanks to YouTube fitness videos that I download. It's the first thing I do in the morning to get me ready for my day about 5-6 times a week usually Monday-Friday religiously without fail I sometimes skip Saturdays if I will be doing house chores that counts as my workout for the day.

    1. I swam as a child. Loved it so much that my hair went from brown and black to just brown from being in the pool so much. But when we moved to Texas there weren't a lot of pools where my relatives lived and by the time we got to where one was readily accessible I could float but being underwater terrified me. Honestly after getting over that the lessons have been fun. And I have to go to the gym. I have had a Wii Fit and all manner of videos to do at home but home is for resting and not working out. And I'm the laziest human ever before 6AM unless I have someone dragging me to work out. But that hour or more at the end of the day does me perfect. Heck at this point last year I think I might have been at 3 workouts and none of them were more than 40 minutes. I'm in the pool longer than that lol and yesterday's swim put me at 10 workouts for the year. Plus my gym has the BEST massage tables and chairs so after a workout I can relax if I want. I don't want to tan but they have that too.

    2. Did you find that you didn't forget how to once you got back into the water? I had a stint where I did not swim for very many years and decided to take refresher lessons when I decided to jump back in just to be safe and for my breathing (always struggled with that) but found out that I never forgot anything after all. They say it's like riding a bicycle you never forget.

    3. I didn't forget as much as I thought I had and the breathing was the big part. I'm pretty sure I avoided trying to breathe underwater as a kid plus we are mostly splashing around and playing. Once I got over the I won't drown stuff it was okay. Moving without support is okay but I need to get used to breathing every so many strokes which may happen by the end of this class. The 20 plus years off has definitely allowed the fear factor to be there where it wasn't before lol. I am really enjoying it though.