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January 26, 2014

Wash Day and Updates (damn snow)

It's been a good wash day even though absolutely nothing went as planned.  To start with my weekend plans got totally derailed by more snow.  The random weather changes had me sick as I don't know what but I was planning on seeing a coworker in a play.  By the time we got off and I was ready to go that home for a minute the roads had gotten so bad that everyone canceled.  Great I said I could sleep and get ready for swimming yesterday.  I got up, saw no cancellation for swim classes and was getting ready to get up and shower.  I called the Y to be sure and started trying to assemble my swim kit in my head.  30 minutes later I was made very sad cause they canceled the class because the snow had left the roads super crappy.  You'd think I'd go fine I can get some work done but how about no again cause it messed up my day.  I wanted to go swimming and then come back and work on my hair.  Since there was no chlorine to take care of I just did nothing the rest of the day.  I was waiting for the men's tennis final and fell asleep somewhere in the middle of the mixed doubles.  I woe up like five times between 4 and 6 am so I finally started checking for the score and was slightly dumbfounded that Stanislas Wawrinka was up two sets and on serve in the third.  But I couldn't let myself watch it live at that point because I was pretty sure Rafael Nadal would make a come back while I was watching and I'd have to pull out my non prepooed hair.  I got up and prepped my hair and then lay back down.  I dozed off slightly and then checked the score again and the final was over.  Stan WON!!!!!  I watched the trophy ceremony and then passed out till about 11 almost.

I had to get up and do my hair because if it's not set by 1 then I will probably be wet by 7 the next more.  At least in places and wet curls in the snow seems like a REALLY bad idea.  Since I didn't have to do the chlorine processing and my gray is pretty white now I decided to pare down the shampoo and conditioners.  I did detangle before and after the wash and kept my LOC routine the same this week.  I found the right super thin but really absorbent t-shirt again this time so the t-shirt drying worked much better.  I had to use a different deep conditioner because the As I Am jar under my sink was not my deep conditoner, nope it was the coconut cowash which I really didn't need today.  So I used my last sample pack of Optimum Care Deep Conditioning Masque and enjoyed the tingly.  I went for flexirods but I really do need to find a braider for this hair.  Here are the photos and woot new Swiss guy I really like (nothing wrong with Federer he just bores me silly).

 Last week's twist out

Hair loss after wash

Hair loss before wash

Wash Day Products
This wash I used my Organix and Moroccan Oil Shampoos and then opted for an Organix Keratin repair conditioner and the Mizani MoistureFuse.  My hair felt flipping amazing.  Strong and moisturized but most of all tangle free.

LOC Products
Kept everything the same from last week.  Had planned on moisturizing my scalp before I roller set it but I will do that in the morning I guess.

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