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May 25, 2014

Post Relaxer and General Life Updates

So it's been a week since my last relaxer, well a week and a few days.  As of right now my plan is it skip wash day until right before my vacation.  Mostly because of my teaching schedule but seriously I love the fuss free moments of the first few weeks posts.  I am moisturizing as needed and I may get my dry shampoo a whirl if it starts to feel gross.  Plus the gray doesn't seem quite as daunting right now.  In the interim I restocked my Moroccan Oil deep conditioner because the other jar is almost empty.  I have already picked up an Organix replacement but I may rotate one or both of them out of the prepoo rotation in favor of that ORS Hair Mayo to see if it's as good as I've heard others describe.

I have not got back on my workout grind but I have been eating better again.  Salads have been back on tap and I actually made it through my week supply without any of them looking pitifully wilted.  This week I'm trying something new as well.  I have a partial obsession with the cucumbers that are in my salad dressing in the jar.  They don't wilt but they do absorb some of the dressing and they are DELICIOUS.  Considering how much I like those I have opted to slice up two jars full of cucumbers and have added my regular dressing (red wine vinaigrette) to one and just some straight red wine vinegar to the other.  Whichever one tastes better will be my go to snack when I want something healthier from now on.  I did restock the lower fat, portion controlled, single serving snack options as well.  And in an effort to cut out some other calories I'm trying to fully give up bread most of the time.  I was eating my salad on bread at Subway.  Seems like it would be even healthier just to get rid of the bread.  I have had a tortilla (mostly corn) since I made that decision but I rarely ever finished bread before it would go bad and unless I was buying a sandwich out I don't have much bread.  I'm still working on the pizza.  I love pizza but don't like the doughy options and rarely if ever eat the crusts.

The only other thing I'm working on now is reorganizing my bedroom space.  I finally got a bookshelf assembled so a lot of the books that are lonely and needing a home will go there.  I'll add another one I'm sure and a few smaller ones so they don't dominate the bedroom but add a bit of storage area as well.  The kitchen floor needs to be done and there's a massive tree we have to get taken down but we knew that before we moved into the house.  Joys of it being my house and not something I'm renting.  What's up in your worlds?

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