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June 1, 2014

Just a Quickie: Dry Shampoo and Updates

Howdy folks,

I'm almost three weeks posts and I deliberately not washed my hair because I wanted to enjoy the super straightness until my wash and set this week.  For the first time this year I am going on a real vacation.  Nothing for work or family.  I'm leaving on Friday and will be back on Sunday because I still have to teach on Monday lol but for forty-eight hours I will be kicking it with friends from all over the country who are meeting up with me at a fun event.  It's not Essence but meh after all headache of trying to plan this year's trip it's not even worth comparing the two.  I'm packing my flirting gear, will be getting my toes and nails done probably on Thursday along with my hair, and then flying out on Friday morning.  I'll be back early enough to do normal Sunday running around and then one more week of one class and then comes a tiny bit of respite with my scheduling.

However after two weeks of no washing my hair was feeling kinda funky so I went ahead and tried the dry shampoo I got from Influenster on hair that actually needs it.  It seems to work quite nicely.  My hair felt fresher almost immediately and as I brushed it in as instructed it felt even better.  I wrapped it and went to be and haven't toyed with it today.  Just hoping I'm not bald when I do lol.  How is the world in your neck of the woods?

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