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November 28, 2014

Black (and Silver) Sports Bra Fitness Friday

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Hmm that looks way more awkward than I planned in my brain, oh well. So I held to my annual tradition of avoiding all things Black Friday shopping like the plague.  I lounged around longer than I should but after breakfast and a bit of time on Farmville 2, yeah I know, I got up and went to Planet Fitness.  Turns out it was the only parking lot that was not packed today which is saying a whole lot because most days that gym parking lot is like the Hunger Games with slightly less violence.  I got a spot right down front with no hunting.  I went in and there was no line, no crowd in the women's locker room, and no fighting whatsoever for any of the equipment.

In short, it was a great day and I loved the sweating.  I had an epiphany later too which is just that I'm getting comfortable in my own skin again and I'm kind of loving it.  Now the workout totals haven't been ticking up as much as they did a few weeks ago an that would be my fault but for a different reason than you would might expect.

Last week I was having the mother of all cramp fests which killed the Wednesday workout.  Thursday I thought I'd make it up but I was just exhausted after the cycle of work.  And Friday I followed through with a major decision that had been looming.  I'm no where near menopause apparently, gotta screw the family curve there too, and all of the birth control options are contraindicated for me based on age, possible risks (blood pressure can be wonky every now and then), and whatever else the universe wants to include.  That left me with the option of an IUD or the Novasure Ablation.  IUD seemed scarier than the ablation so I went with the ablation.  I did debate it for a few months before I made a move.  The ablation basically moves there will be no little Southern Girls or Boys springing forth from me.  I kinda knew that already but it was confirmed that if I moved forward that was where life would end up. So yeah last Friday ablation won out.  Which wouldn't have been so bad except I couldn't eat all day prior to the procedure which wasn't until 2.  But by about 1:55 I was doing the happy drug express and by 3:30 I was up again and hungry.

My trainer gave me the go ahead to skip that workout since I'd be damn near a zombie by then and we weren't sure who the drugs would impact me.  Turns out I slept a lot.  I felt better in the morning but not good enough to trust myself in the pool so I slept in.  I did get back on track workout wise on Monday but I have to say that I haven't slipped up on the diet.  As of my last weigh in on Tuesday I think it was I'm down 12.6 pounds from where I started at the beginning of the month.  So yeah I'm totally endorsing the trainer option.  I'm learning better options for food, better ways to keep myself busy in the gym and better ways to just enjoy me.  I've just gotta slip by my birthday and Christmas without sliding completely back into dessert hell lol.

How was your day folks?

 Fitness Friday


  1. Sounds like you had a good Friday, no crowds for me either, just relaxing.

    1. Yep it was a good day. I hate crowds like really hate them. Good to you for skipping it.