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November 18, 2014

Influenster SUPERstar!

Okay so yeah I have been an Influenster kind of girl for a while.  I read about the site on someone's blog and while I couldn't snag an invite from them, a few weeks after I initially tried to sign up I was sent an invite.  Not too long after that I was sent my first VoxBox and could say without a doubt that the program was super duper free and legit.  There's never been a dime exchanged between us and I have managed to get a fair number of products to review, use, and in quite a few cases make part of my staple products.  The food in particular has been great.  Even the things that I haven't loved someone in my house (usually my mom) or network really enjoys them.  We all LOVED the Nonni products.  We were sent the THINAddictives and woosah they were amazing which led to the biscotti and other things.  The hair care, skin, and nail products have been good as well to see how my mood and palette work with things I wouldn't have normally bought myself.

I think that's one of the best things about Influenster truth be told.  They don't send you things you'd never use but they attempt to push you beyond your standard fare.  As someone who was committed to doing better this year in that regard Influenster is a big asset to that.  Even when I had an issue because I moved to like super small town in not a Wal-mart kind of state they worked to get me the product so that I could review it and I have to say it's been the best foot care product I've had in a while.  My feet are always silky smooth after I use Freeman Barefoot Spa line.  I heart it. 

I have invited quite a few friends to join and I'll be honest for some it's harder to commit to the process of getting products, reviewing them and trying to speak about them in a good honest way.  I talk too much as it is so there's not a huge issue there for me.  I was worried that a negative review would smack me on the hand for future boxes but in my experience they want honest feedback  While the CC cream I was sent didn't match my skin tone in the slightest I was able to say that AND talk about what it was able to do for me regardless.

Best product from them EVER is probably not one that anyone else would think of really.  Last year I was sent a Goody product, I've gotten those before and like the brand outside of reviewing, that was a new Dri Wick like product that was made into a headband.  Now I'm not a super pink kind of gal but i was excited at the idea of this headband as I tend to sweat a LOT and mostly in my scalp when I workout.  If little baby angels could have descended from heaven and sang after that first workout they would have.  While the rest of my body was definitely in sweat mode and my face was glistening no sweat came from my scalp onto my face.  No it doesn't stop my scalp from going yeah exercise and downpour but it definitely isolates it and makes me less of a mess post workout.

All in all I can say it's been a great ride with Influenster and if you are interested and not part of the program yet please let me know.  I'd be happy to invite you.  We can review off into the sunset together.  Like for serious, just let me know.

Have a good night all.

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