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November 14, 2014

Fitness Friday: First Full Week of Training

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So I officially started with my trainer on the 2nd but I totally forgot about the 90 million things I had on tap for last week so it meant I didn't really get a full week in on the training schedule and managing my diet without a lot of distractions. I'm going to give you a sectional update as I think I will make more sense than blabbing for the next few paragraphs.

Meal Plan: Is actually really flexible and is helping me work on eating 1) on schedule and 2) enough so that I'm not starving and 3) not so much that I'm overindulging.  Tracking everything I eat has shown me some days I'm hungrier than others but have managed to stay within my allotted daily calories all but one day and I was 20 ish calories over that day but really who has ONE fajita and goes to bed?  Best of all I'm learning a lot of fantastic new recipes that still indulge my major food craves but aren't horrible unhealthy.

Workouts: When I was having a better time of things at the gym this year I was there three to  four times a week for at least an hour and while I got a good sweat in I was also getting bored and losing motivation often.  I've managed to make it all three scheduled days this week and each was a different challenge but perfect at the same time.  Although I'm slow sometimes it seems like Monday is more of an ab and upper body day plus cardio.  Wednesday is a good general workout day.  Today is a butt and cardio day.  All of it was good.  I think I was sore a few weeks ago because I hadn't been at the gym regularly in a WHILE.  This week my body feels great, I can tell what the exercises are honing in on and I feel accomplished when I'm done.  Sweaty too but accomplished.

Trainer/Elizabeth: She rocks, not a lot else to say but who am I to stop talking prematurely.  She's very encouraging, supportive and answers my questions about workouts and food like super fast.  I know it's early in the process but she really is fantastic.  And if nothing else it seems like I'm losing weight.  Things aren't fitting the same and six pounds isn't enough to account for all of it.  Can you lose weight in your feet?  Cause really shoes are feeling a little BIG lately.  Regardless this feels like the best present I've given to myself in a while.

How goes your journey to healthy?

Fitness Friday


  1. What amazing #FitnessFriday wins chica! And YES! I totally think that you can loose/gain weight in your feet. When I was preggers---none of my shoes fit! What kind of workouts does Elizabeth have you doing?

    Thanks for joining the #FitnessFriday movement!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

    1. Oh that sucks on the feet thing, I love all my shoes now. Each day is a mix of things but usually at least 20 minutes of cardio each trip. There are ones that focus on my upper arms and back (arm bar pull down thingy lol, arm curls, dumbbell press, triceps dip), legs and butt (lunges, dumbbell dead lift, bicycle abs) and stomach (stability ball curls, planks, and stuff I'm forgetting). Checking one off the list feels good so there's that but it's also making me move around the gym instead of hitting one area and not doing a lot else.

  2. Sounds like you rocked your workout and training this week. Keep it up!!!

    1. We'll see. It was a great week but I didn't have a lot of roadblocks this week. Chilly is easier to move around in than 2 feet of snow. And mid December I lose my organized swim class until January. It will give my hair time to rest from chlorine but I am going to need to swing my behind over to the gym after that one. Thanks for stopping by.