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June 1, 2012

More Updates

I posted a few weeks ago that I needed to make some changes on the job front and went about looking for a new one.  I've applied all over my area (well almost) and closer to where I call home.  So far no bites from home but I could get back into teaching and find a new branch of psychology to get into locally.  I really wasn't sure what the future would hold and by no means is this a lock but in two weeks there are three opportunities to pursue (one semi near home) and the ache of uncertainty is not as strong as it was.  I know it's time to leave here and I'm happy about that but I'm also not in a panic anymore.  Prayer and being a good person helps out a lot with regaining calm.  Thanks for everyone who added to my prayer warriors a few weeks ago.  Not quite over but there's a potential in sight.

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