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June 3, 2012

Glad I Washed Early, Surprised by my Rinse

I may have to dye my hair with a permanent color one more time.  I did my normal wash day routine and was getting ready to start my applying my leave in when I looked at my hair and got a shock.  Nearly all of the color was gone from my ends which isn't a huge deal as I expected it to come out eventually (not two weeks later but eventually).  The roots where there had been a lot of gray were tinged green in certain spots.  If I hadn't had so much gray to start with that wouldn't have been a problem but when I say I was REALLY salt and pepper just trust me.  Thankfully I am such good friends with my stylist because one panicked text later my hair was headed back to black and I won't look like I'm prepping for St. Patrick's Day early.  I haven't used a rinse in forever so really had never seen it.  I rinsed it myself today but really will probably be at the shop for a nice permanent color in a few weeks since my gray seems to be backhanding the semi permanent.

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