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June 24, 2012

Fresh Rollerset and New Gray Hair

Being off work is slightly disorienting me because I really don't like not having stuff to do.  I'll have to get over that though because honestly the few days off will help me process everything that has happened in the last six weeks.  I did a prepoo on Friday and let it sit most of the day.  The Red Pimento Oil treatment may be stripping the color off the gray faster than I want but there was no green this time lol.  For info on that click here.  If it wasn't so good on my hair I might abandon it but I love it.  And let's face it my hair is going to grow back in gray no matter what I do short of dying it again.  And for the record, I'm almost five weeks posts relaxer at this point.  As I was rolling up my hair yesterday for the flexirod set and I see nice white gray hair peaking through.  On the plus side gray hair is thicker than other hair per my hairdresser.  On the down side really it's been FIVE weeks and I just got the permanent dye done like two weeks ago.  Just frustrating.

I'm going to cut and paste my blogs from KISS here and keep them all going here and maybe there too.  Not sure on that just yet but KISS is what got me motivated to take better care of my tresses.  There are similar websites out there like hairlista, long hair care forum, just grow already, among a legion of others.  But somehow or other KISS felt like the vibe that fit me best so it's where I've been the most active.  It's one of the pay sites (5.95 a year) but the ad spam is lower and they seem to be pretty friendly to newbies who may ask the same question that has been discussed before. 

Nothing else to really discuss right now.  Flexirod set came out nice.  A bit looser curl but ends felt nice.  Everything felt moisturized and nothing got missed when I was rolling up my hair (that happened on the last roller set, missed one freaking tiny section).  I will be back later I'm sure.  Gotta figure out where in the room I can set up my camera to take consistent photos of my hair too.  Can't do that bathroom photos, those drive me nuts when I see them later cause my bathroom is usually a mess.  Ahh well back to the bad movies on BET.

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