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June 17, 2012

Hello World

I'm waiting to resolve some forwarding issues from the primary name to make sure it directs to what is actually published.  That's what happens when you take a while to start a new blog--you forget all the things that need to get done in order to make it all work at the right speed.  I forgot about GoDaddy's instant page thing too--don't need it cause I'm not going to host there clearly but eh c'est la vie.  It took me a while to come up with the name for this blog because I was trying to figure out what direction I wanted to go in.  I've been blogging on and off since the early nineties (which yes means I'm in my 30s, 36 to be exact) revealing more or less information about my life as the moment struck me. 

I'm in a bit of transition in life at the moment.  I almost named the blog Embracing My Change because of it but that's kinda well depressing sounding to me and isn't at all how I'm looking at what is going on with me.  I'm leaving my job in the next few days to take a new one.  While it came about in a rather abrupt manner, truth is it was so beyond time to leave it and I was holding on for semi-selfish reasons.  Plus we get lazy as adults and finding new jobs doesn't normally happen in three weeks.  Fear can keep us locked in place and not fully embracing our grown up lives.  I have no desire to revisit that space so stepping out on faith and exploring as many opportunities as I can in the near future.  I'm also in a holding pattern in a long term relationship.  I'd love for it to work out but three years of ridiculous road blocks is saying ehh maybe it won't.  We'll see.  I tend to ramble as I meant to explain how this blog name came about so excuse my train of thought diversion just there.  I was trying to find a b baked good and keep it to one word but that wasn't going well and I'd never wear a beehive or a bouffant so sticking with the B thing seemed stupid.  I loved pecan pie (that's PA-can not pea-can) and pin curls are cute and can help maintain a curly do without rolling them again or overly manipulating the hair.  They also make me think of victory rolls which if I ever make it down the aisle may be part of my style of choice.  So there ya go www.pecanpieandpincurls.com is born.

But beyond that the transition I'm heading into is about me being healthy, happy and whole.  I've been on a hair journey for nearly a year now.  For those of you totally unfamiliar with hair journeys it has basically been me not totally relying on my hair dresser to get my hair healthy and to grow.  It has meant learning about my hair, finding the right products, cutting out some silly stuff that I had been doing and being focused on seeing if my hair could actually make it past the nape of my neck which seemed to be where it stopped being healthy prior to now.  My hair in December of 2010 was a lovely burgundy color (shout out Feria Blowout Burgundy) and ear length after being Chocolate Cherry and probably the same length.  In October of 2011 it was again neck length but had more salt and pepper happening as I had decided to quit dying my hair.  It is currently June 2012 and the longest part of my hair is sitting on my shoulders and the back has reached the back of my neck.  I'll post pictures as soon as I figure out the template stuff and post my regimen and what not.  It's jet black because the ends were looking odd with traces of burgundy with all the salt and pepper.  From here on out no more dye so as it gets longer the gray will be back with a vengeance I'm sure.

The other shift in my focus is on my cooking.  The new job has seriously flexible hours set around what I find comfortable with no nights and no weekends.  That gives me more time to focus on the things that I was too exhausted to do with my current job.  Well that and apparently I had six of the seven signs that my job was "killing" me so it was definitely time to move on.  Plus I love food and my current interaction with it has been mostly to get through the next day.  I have cookbooks and recipes from friends that I'm going to be whipping up during the brief bit of down time I'm getting over the next six months.  And then I'll be focused on not doing the convenient meal thing since neither I or mom took something down to cook.  I've done better over the last year taking care of one part of me but gotta get the workouts set up again and work on eating a bit better.  I don't eat a lot of red meat and I don't fry very much but incorporating more veggies and dumping some of the bread has to come into play too.

So this is the start.  The blog will be randomly featuring my floating obsessions of hair, food, aprons, the 50s and pinups, things I find absolutely amazing/funny/in need of being shared and things that are so utterly stupid I must inflict them on others.  Please enjoy and if ya don't--sorry but this one is mostly about me.

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