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November 24, 2013

Recap, Reboot, Redo

I went a little MIA again but this time I promise I have a good excuse.  Last week I was getting ready to do my weekly wash day recap and I started getting weather alerts.  Lots and lots of weather alerts.  Thunderstorms, high wind and then the big one--potential tornadoes.  We lost power as I was roller setting my hair and that began the long painful odyssey of being in a house with a cranky 61 year old.  That's right folks mom came back on Saturday.  I won't bore you with details but just know it required two BIG BIG margaritas to get through the day.  Anyhoo, back to the storms.  I finally got to experience a storm event significant enough that it broke through on your cell phone to tell you to cover your ass.  Ok so it said that in much more polite language but it happened.  Thankfully we came though the storm perfectly fine.  The trees limbs/tree we had removed probably helped that because the wind did tear up the aging fence a bit but save that we were unharmed. Without cable and internet and telephone service for several days but you know by the end of day two I was adapting--save missing seeing the sexiest man alive in his lovely new sweater line oh Adam Levine is so pretty--and watched some of my favorite old movies and remembered why I didn't watch one movie more.  Mom on the other hand had to be frequently reminded that we had a house, power and were both fine while others were not.  So it is no surprise she was the first one that noticed the cable had returned and spent the rest of the evening engaged in as much tube time as possible.  I finished watching Up and then flipped it on so I could see recovery stuff before going to bed.

I finally got back to the gym on Friday after being off nearly a full two weeks.  The first week I just was feeling like crap and couldn't drag myself there even if I wanted to and let's face it I didn't want to.  The second week well yeah there was that tornado thing.  The workouts felt great and I found myself creating exercises in the car and waiting on dinner to cook.  No gym today because it's wash day and I was feeling lazy but will try to make it a few times before they rightfully close for the holidays.  I will also be dodging all Black Friday shopping guilt from my mother because I am NOT getting out in that madness.

Wash day went mostly fine.  Lost about the same amount of hair as the last photo and then I decided to try the inversion method again since I still haven't found a new stylist.  I could go back to the old one but yeah she's annoying the crap out of me with random text messages about specials and her travel plans.  After I put on my leave ins, I added oils to my scalp and rubbed it in well before bending over and trying to play a game of spades to kill the four minutes.  I stopped the game when I started to get dizzy and realized I had been hanging my head for six minutes.  Another roller set which should make it through the actual two days of work I have this week and then it's time for eats and sleeping to bringing in the holiday.

I will be roaming your pages and catching up over the break as well.  For my American friends what will you be doing to enjoy/celebrate Thanksgiving?  For those outside the US, any big plans coming up?  Or any good recipes I should try while I am enjoying a stove with even cooking temperature?

P.S. I knew I was forgetting something.  I am typing all of this on my new laptop lol.  Toshiba was having a sale and instead of stalling for another six months or a year I went ahead and treated myself.  1 terabyte of hard drive space, blu ray player, 8 gigs of memory (will probably update that soon) with all the standard bells and whistles along with a ten key pad to punch in the numbers easier.  Yeah new laptop.


  1. It's amazing how when you first don't have cable, it kinda kills you, but then you realize there's so much more to do!