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November 10, 2013

Wash Day & Inversion Updates

This may or may not be that long.  I have been suffering the worst cramps in recent memory but I have to concede that thanks to the depo shot (even though I've been off it for about a year) I haven't had anything resembling a regular cycle.  I slept most of yesterday though, in between doses of pain killers, and chats with my brother and mother but that's a long story.  I have been keeping up the gym visits and need to update the stats to the side.

Wash day went about as smoothly as it can considering I'm about 10 weeks post now and I slept hard with no concern for my hair yesterday.  I got up earlier than I wanted and did the inversion before starting my prepoo.  I can't claim it worked or not because I missed another day so really I need to just start all over and see how it goes.  My hair feels great I will say that much but since I'm in bushy having with new growth I may wait until my next relaxer to start over. I will also add the hot oil felt great on my scalp though.

The only major differences this wash day were hair loss (of course I'm ten weeks post) and I switched up conditioner order so the last one that hit my hair before the deep conditioner was my Moroccan Oil.  I air dried a little before doing the deep conditioner for about an hour, not intentionally tennis was on and I got distracted.  I rinsed that out and got rolled up before 4 today which was a goal.  My hair is taking longer and longer to dry on the longer parts.  I put the front on more rollers and am just praying that I don't have to come up with a funky comb over tomorrow morning.  I also need to get up early and call a mechanic so they can check on this error code that my check engine light is giving off.  Thanks to the nice folks at AutoZone I know what it means and didn't just spend money aimlessly and allegedly it should be a simple fix based on the stuff I saw online.  Keep your fingers crossed.

It's time to fix some dinner and watch some more tv.  What's up in the world?  I feel so out of the loop.  Oh and here's a photo of the hair that left my scalp and loved my comb.

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