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November 3, 2013

Wash Day While Home Alone

I haven't written in a while and it's totally because I'm being a lazy something or other.  Mom left a week ago or so and I haven't been very productive at all since then.  I think the lack of stress caused by inane conversations is letting my brain go mushy.   Couple that with the time change and I'm tired but not so tired if that makes sense.

Today was wash day.  I woke up, grabbed a bite and then started prepooing my hair around 9/10.  I washed it out around 3 I think.  Standard wash day routine.  Actually new standard wash day routine I need to update that.  To keep my gray hair from getting brassy and yellow again I have been using the Shiny Silver shampoo before my other shampoos.  So technically my hair is getting washed three times right now.  It's all white no so I may skip the Shiny Silver for a while.  After that I did my Moroccan Oil conditioner followed by the Aphogee 2 minute treatment and the Aussie Moist 3 minute treatment.  That got left on longer than 3 minutes today because I opted to shave my legs all over a sudden.  Why may you ask was I worried about that as the weather begins to change?  Well because I want to get another pedicure and they always look at you so oddly when your legs have hair on them.  I say another pedicure as well because after lucking upon a sale at Kate Spade and Lane Bryant I spent much of last week collecting boxes from my front porch.  One day I had some more time to play with after one such collection so I went to get my air pressure checked on my tires and then because of a crappy location went the opposite direction of home which took me by a nail salon.  Beyond the fact that I just kind of wanted someone to rub my feet it's been a while since I got a pedicure and they were in need of some TLC.  After the save, and the post shower shave for the inevitable hair that was left, my initial wash phase was done.

I air dried for a while as I played on the computer and then went to deep condition.  I skipped this step last week and my hair reminded me of that.  It was super dry.  After washing that out I started making dinner and then combed through which was back to being like butter lol and was getting ready to roller set my hair before it dawned on me I wanted to try something new.  The whole inversion thing that is making the rounds sounds intriguing but I always forget to do it.  After warming my oil and massaging my scalp, I set the timer on the stove and hung over the edge of the sink for my required four minutes. My scalp was nice and tingly but that could have been from the peppermint oil lol.  I thankfully didn't feel dizzy though so a I grabbed my flexi rods, set my hair and ate my delicious fajitas in my favoritest new thing, stand and stuff flour tortillas.  I'll see how my hair is looking after the end of this week.  I think you are supposed to do a week on and week off at most so that your hair doesn't get accustomed to it.

What is going on with you?


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    1. Thanks, I forgot to do it on Monday so I'm going to do one more day on Sunday and see what my hair is looking like. Don't know if I'll get an inch, or that I could tell as my hair is on new growth hell right now.