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February 2, 2014

Peyton Manning & I have come a long way

Picture it, Sicily in 19..., umm scrap that.  My first awareness of Peyton Manning came when I was in college in Nashville, TN.  Yes I know Peyton didn't go to school in Nashville but every year the Vols came up to Vanderbilt's stadium and played one game.  And every year they came there was a massive influx of people who had never been near a college who spent the next five days asking us about Peyton and the game and the what not and what not.  Didn't matter that we clearly were no in Vols gear or looked remotely interested in the game.  They were everywhere and made doing anything in town ten times more painful than it needed to be.  I hated Peyton.  He hadn't done anything to me but make my life difficult for a few days once a year but really hated him because they came because of him.  I heard all about his daddy and his brothers and blah blah blah.  Hated him.  Hated him a little more the year after he graduated because Vols fans were lamenting their lack of Peyton Manning so much they didn't notice their new quarterback, Tee Martin, was doing quite well.  It totally wasn't his fault again but he was the target of my displeasure for years.  Playing for the Colts didn't chart for me until I got to grad school and that was all the talked about again.  But at this point I actually started paying more attention to him than the hype and the more I did the more I found him to be kinda goofy and a nice guy.  I was still happy when Eli won the Superbowl first but that was more because I love a good underdog story and they just didn't seem to give Eli a shot in hell of winning.  After his year off, I was rooting for Peyton to make a strong return and he did.  This year he's done even better and hopefully will complete the greatest feel good story the year could manufacture.  No offense to Russell Wilson but he's got plenty of time to climb this mountain again.  Peyton may be on borrowed time.

I'm sure some of you are wondering what any of this has to do with a hair blog.  Well if I showed you pictures of how jacked up my hair was during this time you may hate it as much as I hated Peyton.  It would grow just fine and then boom start breaking.  I wasn't even remotely pretending to take care of it well and do more than run to the hairdresser or dorm do doctor when I was broke lol.  I'm no longer trying to figure it out I kinda know what I'm doing with my hair and my grown up life.  This year may be my make or break year as far as making good positive changes in my life an so far I'm feeling good about it.  17 workouts in a month equals a third of all my workouts for the year.  If I don't do much else beyond keep that up who knows what I'll be looking like by December.  Root for us old timers continuing to get over the hump.  And if you are an old timer join the club.  20 years rushed by much faster than I thought it ever could lol.

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