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February 16, 2014

Just a Quickie: Question for readers

Hey everyone,

after having a great fall in knocking things off my bucket list, this spring I signed up for swimming lessons again so I could get comfortable being in the water again.  Turns out I wasn't as afraid of the water as I thought and it has been the thing I really look forward to on the weekends.  I coat my hair with conditioner and then put on a swim cap before each lesson but as I get closer to relaxer crunch time I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience swimming with a fresh relaxer.  The first round of lessons started about a month post my last relaxer and due to lots of snow forcing cancellations of class is rushing up on my next relaxer.  My hair feels fine now, I always start a prepoo as soon as I get home from class on Saturday, but it's starting to do that hey lady I need a relaxer thing and if I don't do it before swim classes start I'm not sure what I would look like by the time they were over when I'd be about 16 weeks post.

Any feedback, thoughts would be great.



  1. I honestly don't remember swimming with a fresh relaxer but if I was to do it it would be exactly a week to the day I got the relaxer just so it coincides with my wash day (usually a week after a relaxer) so that I can give my a hair proper post swimming deep conditioning treatment etc

    1. Hey thanks for replying. I'll be a little more than a week and will be following all the advice I got and keep conditioning my hair before the lesson starts and after.