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February 9, 2014

So It's Sunday...

Sorry for being MIA most of the week.  Both of my last wash days (last Sunday and today) were relatively pain free.  Th Mizani seriously makes my hair feel amazing so I may go looking for a deep conditioner in that line the next time I have a few minutes.  I got Dr. Miracle's deep conditioner the last time I went to Sally's because they didn't have the As I Am bottle in stock.  I was almost ready to forgo the deep conditioner today because my hair was feeling so good but that seemed like a bad idea so I stuck to the plan.  I did bring back in my Shiny Silver (even though swimming got canceled again due to weather) and I used all of my conditioners finishing off with the Mizani.  I mimicked last week and tied my hair down after putting in a few more rollers than last week.  I keep debating on the whole gray hair thing but I realized again it looks more gray the further into my stretches.  As soon as the relaxer hits it again then the black hair overwhelms my head again.  I may dye it if I can find a STRONG permanent dye that won't kill my hair.  I have been focused on my edges again as I'm wearing headbands at the gym and I'm at the gym way more than I planned. 

I was a little upset about the Superbowl but ehh it happens.  Work has been pushing along and there are several fires in the oven that I am super excited about.  As I mentioned I am at the gym a lot.  I went five times last week, once partially because the swim lesson was canceled but I still didn't go home and turn into a lump.  My weight keeps going up and down but my clothes are doing the lady you are getting slim thing which is a great ego boost not great when my pants have no belt loops so I can keep wearing them a little longer.  Someone asked if I had taken any progress photos and I really haven't.  I hate how I look in photos and I haven't found a good spot in the house to set up my digital camera to do the selfies.  I am going to work on that and getting a trainer.  I need one more push to get me into full weight loss mode.  I have had more luck with the healthy meals but the Greek frozen yogurt was disgusting.  The Smart Ones chicken strips and fries on the other hand was delicious.  Portion control and crispiness was the best.  Oh doh the working out stuff again--not sure if you have noticed but my workouts for the year is almost at the halfway mark for where I was for all of last year.  I had lots of starts and stops last year which sucked.  Even when I got back on track I wasn't taking proper care to get my behind there and get a good workout in for the day.

I think after several years of blogging I am finally at a place where taking good care of all of me is a priority.  Now if I can just stop slipping up on the skin care routine.

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