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February 20, 2014

Just a Quickie: Relaxer Update

So I am no longer counting down to the next relaxer.  I went ahead and went in today after doing a bunch of research and talking it over with the young woman that was going to do my hair.  Everyone agreed that ten days should be enough time and encouraged me to keep doing what I'm already doing when I go swimming.  And after talking over what I am trying to do with my hair and working out she was willing to help me find someone local to braid up all this mess of hair.  I'm thinking around the time I finish swim lessons.  I was actually a little dumbfounded by how much my hair had grown out since December and still looks pretty good after she took about half an inch off to even things up in the back and get rid of stray length along the sides and back.

 The back evened out

The front and sides and my newly arched brows.  The gray is here to stay.


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    1. You know I hadn't even thought about that. I was just happy it had recovered from the hacking I got in August lol. And I kinda heart my new stylist. Doesn't fuss, tells me the truth and when we agreed to trim that's all she did. Didn't keep sliding the shears higher and higher.