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December 30, 2014

2014 Recap: The Good, The Bad, & The Growth

I haven't washed my hair yet.  I'll do that tomorrow after the gym or after my mother's doctor's appointment cause setting up appointments on New Year's seems like oodles of fun right?  Yeah the joy of raising you parents.  Tomorrow when I'm done ripping and running I will prepoo my hair.  Either for the rest of the day or for a few hours.  I will be using my Hot Head heating cap again because I super duper love it.  And I will let it loosely let it air dry like I did last week.  That actually turn out badly so I didn't blow it out or put any heat on it the last week.  I will after this wash day because I want to take a current length and potential damage shot for New Year's.  I also want to have a weight loss progress shot since I am now down 25 pounds.

Good: I know my hair won't fall out if I go swimming
Bad: Chlorine is still really hard on your hair
Growth: I'm still trying to make it work even though I admittedly started slacking at the end of the year

Good: My hair rebounded from the massive chop from last year
Bad: I didn't do enough to prevent split ends
Growth: I'm ready to get it popping again this year

Good: I bought a Mia to help with my skin regimen
Bad: I haven't used it regularly
Growth: It's reboot time and if I just get up 20 minutes earlier I can get everything I want to do in the morning done

Good: My hair is good and gray lol not everywhere and not all the time but woosah it's gray
Bad: Since that last perm didn't take my hair is ridiculously thick right now
Growth: I'm about 20 weeks post now and my hair hasn't crawled off my head and sought out a relaxer

Good: I worked out at least 45 times more than last year
Bad: It's still not as much as it could have been but I am getting better
Growth: That whole six weeks to make it a habit thing is true, I'm getting it in and I love it

Good: I am not remotely depressed about turning 40 next year
Bad: I have no idea how I want to celebrate that
Growth: I have developed the celebrate me mindset so it will happen

Good: I am really enjoying my life
Bad: Mad it took me this long to get here
Growth: If I'm lucky I have at least another 40 years to be loving me

I'm taking all of my Growth moments as things to move with me into the new year and will pad them with a bit of the Good stuff.  The Bad are lessons to learn from so all in all no matter what it was this was a GREAT year of self exploration, self care and growing into a better me.
The Wash Day Experience


  1. Woot woot for making it to 20 weeks post relaxer AND staying dedicated to your fitness goals! You're my hero!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

    1. I will take the hero with a bit of hesitation. The 20 weeks post wasn't intentional. The fitness goals have been easier with the trainer. Plus since I don't want to be 50 and 400 pounds it's time to tone it up and let some of this extra weight go.