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December 7, 2014

Final Firmoo Review

I have been meaning to get this up for a while and keep forgetting.  So as I mentioned in my earlier post I got a pair of glasses to review from Firmoo.com.  I wanted to wait a few weeks after I started wearing the new prescription to give an honest review. 

Quality: The glasses were just as sturdy and well made as the glass I got at the local store.  Both frames were plastic and while that was disorienting from the metal lenses I had been wearing but something easily gotten over.  The lenses looked about the same and darkened as they should have when I went outside.  They were probably a little too big for my face but that's my fault for not measuring my current glasses before picking them out.

Prescription: This is where things go off for me a bit and I think it's because my prescription is on the stronger side.  The firmoo lenses continue to feel much more intense than the local lenses I bought at the same time.  The new script hangover wore off within an hour with the local lenses.  The firmoo still causes a bit of a headache that just gets worse if I need to be active.  If I want to sit and read not a huge deal but if I turn my head quickly it's back and not so much with the fun. 

Overall feedback: I think if you want fashion lenses or need a weaker prescription then they would be a great option.  Also if you have to wear glasses regularly make sure that you measure your face well and pick a frame that suits you.  Firmoo makes a good product though and I think you will be happy with your purchase.

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