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December 19, 2014

Fitness Fridays: Food and Flexibilty

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So it's Friday and it's time for an update.  I have to say December has been the best gym month period so far.  I went to the gym three time this week and will keep up my two workouts tomorrow even though swim class is over until mid January.  Yoga and back to Planet Fitness.  That will make 14 workouts in 20 days.  That will pull me up to 92 for the year with 11 days to go for the year.  Considering when the holidays actually fall I MIGHT make it to 100 but they weren't as consistent during the early part of the year.  There's definitely been an uptick since I hired my trainer which is good cause I would seriously feel like an ass to paying someone to get me in shape and then not following through.  I am losing weight so that's good.  Just as I was thinking I was hitting a weird plateau with the working out and weight loss I got my new plan for next week and two new workouts are in play.  I get to test some new stuff out and see how that goes.  It's a good week to test it out since there's no work and I am expecting a light gym crowd since Christmas is next Thursday.  We'll see but I'm excited.  I'm starting to hate my Polar fitness watch.  It is glitching out or I have a heart murmur.  I don't think I would have missed the second one as much as I have been to the doctor as of late.  Some days it's perfectly fine, others it's always recalibrating to read the heart sensor.  I've changed both batteries recently but I know when it doesn't register that correctly it doesn't register the calorie burn correctly either.  I'm going to keep working out regardless but I'm wondering if it's time to upgrade my tracker.  And my right calf is a little sore today but I think I must be putting more pressure on that leg during workouts.  I'm sure it will feel better in the morning when I get to do this.

Part of that is also making sure I eat properly.  I didn't lose as much weight last week because I was hitting the bread again.  The sandwiches were within my calorie count for the meals in question but yeah bread hasn't really been on the menu.  We'll see how the next weigh in goes but I did want to share some of the most recent meals I've had that have kept me happily fed and staying on track.  These were taken with my camera phone so yeah sorry the quality isn't better.  The top dish is Cajun spiced salmon (I LOVE salmon), a side of corn and chicken flavored brown rice.  My recipe for the night included asparagus but I didn't have any so I switched in corn instead.  The second dish is seriously one of my new favorite meals.  It's a beef stir fry with red and green onions, ginger, garlic and a few other things.  The original recipe called for pineapple chunks and juice but both of those make me unhappy lol.  I nixed the pineapple and use orange juice instead.  Still has the citrus tang and has a wonderful overall flavor and smell while it's cooking.  It's served on brown rice and is the bomb.  Working on portion control is just amazing.  I'm not as hungry as I used to be and I'm not snacking to fill time.  I do get snacks but they are planned out and things I want.

All right I'm done for the day.  What's up with you ladies?

Fitness Friday

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