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December 13, 2014

Pre Birthday Updates

So I am now on countdown to my 39th birthday.  I'm not sure what I thought I'd be doing at 39 but I can almost assure you my current life isn't it.  That's a good thing though as I am genuinely enjoying my life right now.  Are there things that need to be improved on?  Well most assuredly but I also have the passion and drive to continue to improve.  The best part about being nearly 39 though is that next year, God willing, I'll be 40.  If things keep going the way they are going it will be the best birthday ever but then again I'm making plans to make sure every birthday gets that distinction.  Just because this is more of an introspective post about lots of things not just my hair I'm going to insert a page break here.  If you don't want to go any further not a huge deal as I tend to be wordy sometimes.  Just know that I'm in a good place and enjoying life.  If you are nosy and got time to kill continue after the break.

I am going to try to break down the year in chunks of what went well and what did not and where I'm happy to be focusing next year.  It will be more topical than totally broken down so bear with me or skim ahead to the area that you are most interested in.

Family: I am still the primary caregiver to my mother.  Most of the time this is not a huge deal but there are days when I really miss being in my own space alone.  This is primarily due to the fact that my mother does not make friends easily and hovers for my attention.  When things are clicking along well I am happy to give it to her but let's face it we're all human and I have my bad days from time to time.  She has finally agreed to see a neuropsychologist which may help with the biggest frustration my brother and I have with her, memory issues.  Her memory has slipped significantly over the last two years and it leads to fights when she is set that something was said or done differently than it actually transpired.  We're going to keep pushing forward there.  Physically she's in good health, just gotta get her more on the cognitive path again.

As for my brother and his family.  Totally love them and their growing cuteness.  As we both get older we continue to get closer and I can say that I'm genuinely proud of him and what he's doing.

Food & Weight Loss: This whole weight loss thing is strange.  I assumed I'd be abandoning most of the food I loved on a quest to lose weight.  Turns out I've found new ways to make food I love and just have to work on portion sizing, eating till I'm full and then stopping.  There's less on the dessert front for the moment but hey I've lost 20 pounds since I committed to going to the gym, watching what I eat and in general not being a lazy bum.  I'm learning how to eat well and enjoy my food instead of dreading these things I have to do in order to get healthy.  Hiring the trainer was the best thing I have done for myself this year and I'm excited to see where I'll end up five months from now when our time together is scheduled to end at the moment.  I may extend it if I get Christmas gifts that cover training lol.  Even after I hit my weight loss goal I'll need help on the whole maintaining end of things.  I'm sending or have delivered gifts to my swim teacher, yoga instructor and my trainer.  Could I have done this solo?  Sure but they are helping so much more keeping me focused and excited about what I'm doing.  Can't ask for more than that.  And I got all five workouts in for the week.  I don't think I'll squeeze in 13 in the next 18 days but who knows.  100 post snowmageddon workouts would be fantastic.

Work: Been a busy hectic year but I'm getting into more of a groove.  I'm thinking about my classes differently and I think I see areas to improve them all.  I'm also attending conferences and doing extra things to help me focus on how and what I teach in more effective ways. 

Hair: For a while in the last few weeks I was feeling like I was having another setback.  My hair isn't as healthy as I wanted it to be right now but it's in better shape than immediately post "relaxer" day.  I do need to continue to keep babying it along more than I have and now that swim classes are done for a while I'm going to be able to not worry about it getting tangled mid week during workouts or swim class.  The front is still growing faster than the back so I need to focus some more attention there.  I know that dead center back of my head tends to react to my stress level more than others so need to work on that too.  In general though, my hair is still thick and happy.  No more thoughts of whacking it off lol.

Tomorrow or Monday I'll take photos of my hair in the post pool workout phase.  It's prepooing now after a quick wash to remove the chlorine. 
Love life: well there are interesting people around and I'm still quite happy taking it slowly and seeing just how weird both of us can be before it becomes clear that this isn't the right fit. 

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