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July 1, 2012

Sleeping in Just Ain't Happening

Hey people,

the blog is almost done with it's makeover.  Waiting on some graphics to finish the header and then it will be all done.  Today is wash day, usually one day over the weekend is, and I used my Red Pimento Oil treatment on my scalp along with some coconut oil as an overnight prepoo.  It definitely helped me detangle my hair easier before the wash--very little hair loss/shedding then.  I switched up the order of my conditioners today and put on the deep conditioner last.  Not sure why I hadn't been before other than the timeline made sense (3 minutes dc, 2 minutes reconstructor, 1 minute KPAK).  My hair is always in need of moisture so not putting that last seemed silly all of a sudden.   I'm air drying as we speak.  Not on the flexi rods this week because I've been lazy the last two weeks and it showed when I detangled my hair.  Way more hair loss than I would ever want.  It's on rollers now and hopefully by bedtime I can take it down and wrap my hair after I moisturize my scalp.  Then hopefully I'm cute for training in the morning for the new job.  I'm looking forward to it but I'll have to admit I'm still not feeling settled for some reason.  I'm not feeling sad or upset about whatever is coming but just like things are set just yet.

I got a call on Friday too to do a phone interview for one of the positions I applied for an eon ago.  It was really only six weeks but you know how it feels when you are looking for a new job.  It would be a more traditional 8-5 position like the job I've just left which has it's down side for sure BUT it would be closer to my brother and his family which would be an upside for me and would afford me the opportunity for my mother to complain about a whole new host of things since sitting in our house isn't as much fun as doing the same kind of sitting with a nearly housebound woman with a granddaughter.  Ehh whatever, can't put the cart before the horse because at this point it's just a phone interview.

Oh and I also found a better place in the room to take pictures of my hair so that they can be uniform, hopefully, and don't require a bathroom mirror shot.  I forgot my camera has a time delay on it that allows me ten seconds to get in place before it snaps a shot.  So no more cell phone photos and this next year of hair journey will be more carefully documented.  I am pretty sure my one year anniversary is the end of this month but I can be more certain when I figure out when I saw my stylist in July last year cause that's when it got under way.  Got a fresh perm, cut and then was focused on taking care of it myself after stockpiling everything I needed for a few weeks.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend, that those effected by the storms are restored to better levels of functioning soon cause it will be too hot to be without AC and power for days on end, and that you are looking forward to very relaxing mid week holidays--we should just move the July 4th celebrations to the weekend to make sure we can have three day weekends please.  See ya

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