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July 10, 2014

Brain went goofy, look what I found today...

 photo FoodLust_zps1f4ffa24.png So in the midst of good daughter duties, I spent yet another day perusing Walmart after mom's appointment.  We tend to split up because if we don't I end up frustrated cause there is literally no need to go up and down every aisle when you only need something from two of them.  As I was roaming for the mix of healthy and I need this sugar cause I'm stressed to high heave, I found things I had to buy cause yeah I had to.

First up from the Asian section, stir fry noodles and a thai peanut kit that doesn't require me to actually put the peanuts in--cause yeah I hate peanuts.  I am going to try to make something remotely healthy with both cause I love Asian food and noodles are filling to me but the stuff I like keeps getting discontinued.  Yeah ignore those hot dog buns and Minion lunch bag lol.

Then when I hit the baked goods aisle my eyes caught that box in the left corner and another one that made me go oh yes ma'am.  So yeah I shouldn't even entertain Cinnabon but the smell and the icing are like Baby Magic on newborns--total traps.  I didn't make either today because I bought other stuff--didn't eat any of that either lol.  But I'm super duper excited especially about the salted caramel brownies.  If I wasn't so annoyed I would have been drooling at checkout.

I will let you know how they all taste whenever I make them.

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