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July 23, 2014

Good Morning Sunshine

Thank you to Phoenix for the nomination.  I tend to just ramble over here so I don't think of my blog or me as being on the radar for most folks.  I greatly appreciate the attention and being proven wrong.  Here are the questions she posed for her nominees.  And based on what I've seen on other blogs I may be one of the last to be nominated this go round.  SO if you are reading and you haven't been tagged, guess what you are IT kid. 

1. Your favourite song at the moment and why? Sam Smith's rendition of How Will I Know by Whitney Houston.  It's freaking gorgeous.  No idea where he came from but that boy can sing. 

2. TV show that you would recommend to anyone to binge watch? I don't recommend binge watching, it makes your brain mushy but I'd opt for cartoons over reality tv most days.

3. What injustice in this world makes your insides burn with rage and sadness?  Stupidity makes me most upset but hurting kids on any level should mean swift and painful death.

4. What is your hidden talent? I can read people really well and periodically manipulate them if I get bored.  I try not to get that bored.

5. What is your guilty pleasure? I like baking a lot.  And I am a great project starter, I need to work on completing them.

6. Describe one room in your dream home - remember money is in abundance in this little architectural fantasy.  Massive kitchen with farm sinks, double ovens to bake with, a stove with six eyes,  side by side fridge that has extra storage space, a kitchen island with a sink, seats, a quick prep station, cast iron pans and top of the line options for baking.  I'd have great kitchen electrics from Cuisinart and Kitchen Aid (my mixer now, a better food processor, and one of the large ice cream makers that don't need a prep of any kind).

7. What was your personal motivation behind the decision to go on a healthy hair journey?  I was tired of my hair growing to a certain point, breaking and having to start all over.

8. Who is your favourite Disney princess? Meh really don't have one but I like Merida's spunk.

9. What is your favourite city in the world? Paris

10. How long is your hair right now and what is your ultimate hair length goal? It's shoulder length but rarely on it because I have it curled up most days.  Bra strap length would be ideal, enough to play with in styles I really like but not so much that I want to cry every time I wash it.

11. Who is your favourite Avenger? Is Iron Man an Avenger?  If so then yeah him if not then Thor would work.

And here are your questions if you made it this far

  1. Do you watch the ID channel (investigation discovery) and if so what is your favorite show?
  2. Is there an Indie artist you think other people should know about?
  3. If you had to choose what concert to attend forever and ever, who would be in your lineup and why?
  4. Have you ever thought of dying your hair your favorite color?
  5. Better aging action actor, Bruce Willis or Liam Neeson or Sylvester Stallone?
  6. Your favorite cartoon?
  7. A movie you watch every time it comes on tv no matter what?
  8. Who and what would you take with you to your own private island?
  9. Best thing about living where you do now?
  10. Is there anything better than the smell of fresh sheets?
  11. Do you remember your childhood nickname and if so does it still make you smile or does it traumatize you?

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