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July 2, 2014

Let's Get Physical!

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I hit the gym again today for the first workout of the month.  This wasn't stress driven more than another reality check that I'm closer to 40 than 30 and my body needs to be taken care of as much as I can.  I have been mixing up the cardio and the weights most of the recent visits but this felt like more of a cardio heavy day so after I hit a good stride with the treadmill I decided to spend another half hour on the bike.  Once I was done with that I did some upper body weights, one of my songs came on so I had to keep working out lol, and left about twenty minutes later.  80 minutes down and still three more days to get work outs in.  And now I am 2 workouts from hitting my total workout count from last year.  That will be an accomplishment in and of itself but that means I have to try to double it or at least hit 100 workouts for the year.

I am also trying to keep working on my diet with managed cheat moments instead of going balls to the walls with things I can't keep up with.  And thanks to my nieces I am going to give kale chips a try.  How are things going with all of you?

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