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July 13, 2014

Wash Day & Randomness & Celebrations

 photo HairFrenzy_zps227f41c9.png So it's Sunday and that means it's wash day again.  This post will be about a bit more than that because a bunch of things have come back on the periphery for me.

The first being I actually tried to baggy my ends and they felt flipping amazing.  So the next day I baggied my whole head and by the time I was ready to take it off it was time to watch dinner and then start an overnight prepoo which is what I did.  So from about 11 last night to 11 this morning I was in conditioning before the wash mode.  When I washed it was back to normal and none of the tangled crap from last week.  That could be in no small party because I didn't try to detangle before the wash.  There was a little bit of hair loss in the shower but for 8 weeks post it's kind of expected.  I deep conditioned for an hour post wash and now I'm t-shirt drying my hair.  I'll LOC, detangle and roller set it around 2 so I can have something to do while I watch the tennis match and can take a nap too since my body hasn't quite managed to adjust to the fact that I don't have to be up at 7 AM anymore this summer.

Last night I finally did what I say I will do every time I detangle my hair and upgrade my seamless combs.  I have had the mini Magic Star rake for a while now and wile it still works most of the time it felt like it was time to upgrade to the jumbo rake.  So I grabbed that and a comb that could replace my step 2 comb if I like it better than the Macadamia seamless comb I have now.  I also got a new head scarf, I know what you're thinking you just scored like 10 of those on sale and I did but this one is supposed to conform more to the size of your head than just keeping everything inside.  When it gets here I'll let you know if any of them were worth the expenditure.

And as I tend to forget it is my hair anniversary month.  This marks the third year that I have been dedicated to taking care of my hair.  I've had two setbacks of note, my edges going see ya later lady and having to lose several inches when I got here last summer but after both of those my hair is now stronger and longer than it was before.  I will do a comparison shot after my next relaxer so I can really see what is different besides the gray hair which is VERY different.  If I remember correctly my hair was hanging out around my ears trying to get to my chin when I started this process of stretching relaxers, washing my hair more not less, and not ignoring the rampant dryness.  Now most of it is shoulder length even though the back middle like normal is growing slower than the rest.  That photo won't come until next month at the earliest but I'm glad to still have hair on my head and love the fact that it's due in no small part to my behaviors.  Ok it's almost time to detangle.  Have a great Sunday all.

The Wash Day Experience


  1. Woot for easy detangling! I can't wait to see you photos chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. I finally remembered to actually take a photo and share so it's up in my new post.