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July 3, 2014

Early Fitness Friday: Mixed Bag

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So it's not quite Friday yet but tomorrow will be a mixture of cooking, eating, laughing (if I can), soreness and potentially another gym run.  Today's gym visit was hilarious and there is a lot that I want/need to share.  I'm going to bullet point these cause yeah I'm tired and paragraphs seem like too much work right now.

  • So yeah at the gym today the water is magically off and I didn't have to use the bathroom until I see the sign.  Five minutes into the workout I put the breaks on everything and went down to the closest store to privately handle some business then I grabbed some towels on the way out and went back to the gym.
  • I decided to start working in the routine the trainer gave me a few months ago instead of just cardio or weights.  Let's just say the legs and cardio not so bad.  Squats hurt but don't kill me.  The damn planks.  Who invented them and why?  Feels like an old torture tactic and I cannot not do as many as we agreed to yet.
  •  I barely made it to the hour and felt like I was going to die after I got done with the last bit of back exercises.  My legs were jelly till about 2 hours ago.  I left the gym at 6PM just so we're clear, it's almost midnight lol.
  • I bought a sports bra from Soma which feels flimsy when you pick it up but has been a great support the last two days.  I need to wear my old Glamorise sports bra again so I can tell the complete differences but so far it's doing a better job of keeping the sweat off of me which is no small feat as I have been sweating something awful the last few days.
  • To that end I took off my sweat band this afternoon and it was wet.  Not just moist or full of glisten.  It was soaked threw and I was shocked.
  • I am now one workout away from matching all of last year's workouts.  Come on holiday sweat fest.
  • I am still drinking as much water as I can with the aid of Mio or Minute Maid drops.
How goes your workout routines?


  1. LOL @ the bathroom! Let me just say this - planks are awful but NOTHING gives you results to your midsection like they do. I was just saying to myself I need to get back on my plank game, I'm so much flabbier around the middle than I was even though I've been maintaining my weight. Keep at it!

    1. I swear to high heaven whoever invented them was a genius, an evil genius intent on world domination by making us all so damn sore we can't move. The day after my six sets of squats and my thighs hate me but I'll be back in there sweating tomorrow.