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April 23, 2013

Baby It's 10 AM & I haven't slept again

This insomnia is so annoying.  I sleep great for a few days and then boom back in the middle of not sleeping fits.  And then I get tired in the middle of the day and if I fall asleep I'm not waking up until dinner time which just continues the overnight wakefulness crap.  Anyhoo, it's given me a good chance to read a bunch of blogs and watch more weird movies.  I tried to read A Casual Vacancy because the dusk jacket seemed very interesting.  Couldn't make it a page in before I got bored and it could have been because I was all read out after speeding through all the Hunger Games books.  Review of those will be posted in here cause yeah I keep forgetting.

In preparation for the move, we've been cleaning and dumping things.  I swear I saw mouse poop in a corner but haven't seen a mouse.  While I will stomp a bug in a heart beat, furry things that move but shouldn't be in my house creep me out.  I'm using a bunch of trap free repelling things right now even though I did buy traps I just don't want to use them.  I don't want the little rodent to die I just want it to leave before I do.  Oh and mom is on a tear with sorting things to keep and sell and has found a bunch of old things that I really thought were lost.  Like this bedspread that she made for me when I was like 6 or 7.  She couldn't find Orange Blossom who was my favorite and she didn't really like the ones that were available in the other characters so she really did outfit my poster bed with valances, dust ruffles and the aforementioned bedspread.  It's a little too beat up for me to hop I can use with my own daughter one day but I'm going to try to have the center salvaged and made into a center piece of a blanket.  Isn't it cute?  Okay gonna go back to surfing the net and looking at things I'm sorting through (oh yeah and prepooing my hair).  Book review is after the jump.

Book Review:
I wanted to wait until I finished the last book to post this. I read the first book on a series of flights for a job interview and was panicked I wouldn't finish before we taxied to the gate cause I wasn't sure when I could complete it otherwise. LOVED IT. It was well paced and the writing was deep enough to keep me engaged without being so obtuse that I wanted to smack the writer when I was done. I'm left hoping that things somehow resolve for Katniss and Peeta before they are too old to enjoy it. And that they can forget all the crappy things that happened. I was hurting for Rue and all the others that through just bad luck were lead to their slaughter by lazy spoiled domineering people.

Catching Fire was equally engaging to me too. I read it in a single setting and was just pissed that after all that trauma and struggle they were about to hurt and/or potentially kill Katniss or Peeta. I was glad Haymitch was manning up and was so glad Cinna's steadiness was there for Katniss again. The games totally just effed up and was wondering where the plot was leading until I was really stunned at the end. Even with the dusk jacket giving some of it away I just wasn't anticipating that last plot twist.

Book three, Mockingjay, on the other hand was a little disappointing. The pacing felt off and either slow or manic. The constant push pull between Katniss Gale and Peeta even in absentia was just tiresome after a while. And as others mentioned District 13 versus the Capital felt like pick your poison. Was happy with the ending because I think it's really the only way that made sense for it to end but was pissed at yet another hurdle being thrown in the midst of all of that.


  1. Mice freak me out! One could get me to sleep out of the room within seconds cos my phobia is too terrible.lol

    1. Yeah I understand that. They don't freak me out that bad but if I saw one I might be prone to check into a hotel.

  2. I really do need to get around to reading The Hunger Games. I don't want to watch the film until I have.

    PS I suffer from insomnia too so I know how frustrating it is....

    1. Your irritation with any edits in the movie may be greatly reduced if you watch it first. There were several parts during which I was quite cranky because I was waiting for things to play out a certain way that did not because of how they opted to shoot it. Then again I get very attached to how I hear or see things initially so I could be overly sensitive to those kinds of things. And yes insomnia SUCKS lol. We should start a club.