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April 16, 2013

Working Out is Hard to Do....... & So Are Two Strand Twists

You should definitely sing the title of this post to the tune of Breaking Up Is Hard to Do.  And after you're done you can keep reading.  I get to officially update the workout count today and I need to get back to the daily workout.  I always feel better afterwards as I mentioned and this other thing happens lately that I completely forgot about in the stress and hubbub of deciding on which job to take and what to do if a shinier opportunity presented itself.  Even though every fiber in my being kept me lazy and my sleep cycle is still out of whack (clearly which is why this post is going up at 5:30 in the morning) I ran a few errands and got my official offer letter from my new job today.  I ran to the library and got a few books as well as returning the final two books of the Hunger Games series.  The books were great even though the third was uneven and felt slow to me in comparison to the first two but I'll save that for another post.  Part of my library run was to grab a book of stories that I was hoping were like the ones my father told my younger brother and I when we were little.  They fascinated us and we could only remember snippets of them when we tried to compare notes.  After asking one more time if anyone knew anything about the bits and pieces I could recall I got lucky.  Turns out they really were African folk tales and there are a LOT of them.  The main character is Anansi the Spider who is periodically an insect, man, or anything else as the story dictates and depending on which author's interpretation you end up with.  There are also stories with Ananse which seems like it would be a subtle difference but that's the volume I got from the library and how Anansi got stories to the world is totally different so I went with the version closest to the one I remembered and sent some to my nieces and got a few for me too.  They are kind of like Aesop's fables but with more settings in Africa and told from a slightly different tack.  LOVED them and I hope my nieces will too.  Anansi and the Box of Stories is the one I heard all the time in case you're interested.  You can find a few of the stories online too if you have small people you want to impress as you commit the somewhat short moral tales to memory and whip them out like you are the best thing ever.

I also ran to the grocery store and got some lemons for a recipe I saw on facebook that looks super simple and should go well with some pasta or something maybe a nice salad.  Not sure on that but as my two weeks of lazy only netted one pound weight gain I'm going to try to keep it light up and up the working out again to see if I can turn my mostly better eating habits and combination of working out to weight loss.   I have to say though I need some different work out socks or supportive thin shoes.  I got blisters on the balls of both of my feet from the working out.  They just starting peeling and right now they feel like they are kind of on fire which isn't particularly helpful.  Beyond that I feel great.  I figured out that I can do more of my own random stepping around the board and it still count.  Actually when I did the side to side steps and front to back instead of just up and down I moved faster.  It ended up meaning a little more than 100 steps greater than my normal twenty minute frame and was 2152 today.  A little more than 100 steps a minute so I'm happy with that too.  And the rhythm boxing which somewhat frustrates me also starts and immediate burn and toning around my waist.  Even if I don't do the step everyday I may need to figure out a way to keep that up.

I did twist my hair yesterday after I washed it.  I think my hair wants more twists than the four I tried to do and doesn't really like the flexi rod for the ends.  I may pin curl them next time because I keep ending up with semi wavy hair with really flipped ends.  The twists that were so well defined before were with assistance.  I need to work on nailing that on my own for when I have spur of the moment wash sessions.  My hair feels good and there wasn't much in the way of hair loss in the shower or during the detangle.  Just need to make sure I moisturize and seal it later on and then pin up my ends.

Have a good one everyone!


  1. Ananse stories are so popular in Ghana, especially, at the kindergarten stage; They are favourites.

    1. They seem to be popular with a certain age group and income level here. None of the people I asked under about 30 had a flipping clue about what I was talking about. People 35 and older, especially those with kids, were all over it. Thankfully I kept asking because someone came up with it.