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April 1, 2013

Rental Cars, Workouts & More randomness

Being unemployed mostly has left me with a crap ton of free time on my hands.  It's why I've been able to go on all these interviews recently unencumbered though and looks like that as of now I have a job if I want it.  I was going somewhere with that.  Oh yes.  I've been semi panicked about finances even though I knew I could potentially file for unemployment or tap my 401K which my mother was freaking out about.  However, I remember telling an interview person that I really wasn't stressed about the money thing right now because I figured out I was a lot cheaper to keep than I thought.  And my last bank statement which I never really look at proved it.  Even though I made next to nothing last month I only ended up spending a few hundred bucks more than I took in.  That made me feel much better about my fiscal responsibility.  I will still probably have to raid the 401K a tiny bit for moving expenses even though some of that will come back to me depending on which job I take.  Hell there's only one offer right now so let me not go pretending I'm big balling lol.  I wish some of the jobs closer to family were posted sooner than they were but I knew it was possible that nothing would come through that way.  That sucks for me cause really if I could have gotten one a few hours from my brother that was also a good fit for me I would have jumped on it.  Nieces could have watched Disney movies with me and I could have dropped mom off for extended visits when she started acting crazy lol.

During the last interview I got a Toyota Yaris to drive.  Let me just say it felt like I was driving a turtle even though it got great mileage.  It was small enough that I could it rock it on my own when it got semi stuck in the snow in the parking lot lol.  Sound system was buggy to figure out and because it's one of the rentals with nothing automatic except the transmission I ended up breaking a nail while trying to adjust the stupid steering wheel.  I was very glad to turn it in.

I was able to sneak in another workout before the end of the month.  20 minutes of free step (2083 steps) while watching The Big Bang Theory and Futurama.  Then I did 12 minutes of rhythmic boxing.  Let me just say that sweating that much is crazy but it also feels good.  Like I'm getting rid of a bunch of toxins and icky things as the sweat rolls down my face and back.  And thank HEAVENS for those sports bras.  My daily bras aren't getting taxed and icky.  We'll see if I can keep it up and make it necessary to get clothes altered.  Please please please.  Plus I at least want to be toned before the pinup photo shoot that I am still shooting for in December.

Got a call from the ex.  It was weird and awkward and I felt bad for not being more warm and fuzzy but I'm kind of in what do you want mode instead of yes let's get back together mode.  Ehh we'll see.  I am in the process of prepooing my hair.  I started grading papers, then I had dinner, then I worked out so no washing tonight.  Hopefully no one needs anything from me early in the morning.  Okay I'm done rambling now.  I'll try to post photos when I'm all done.

P.S.  If you have ever wanted to try the Roots Only applicator bottle Jeni @ Just Grow Already is running a giveaway now for four bottles--I think that means four winners.  I already have two so I'm not entering.  And Nakia @ Vogue & Vintage is giving away a gift card to Shabby Apple which I love and want to win but it's rude not to share.

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