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April 9, 2013

Wash Day and Edge Update

So I returned to my Sunday wash day and all was right with the universe.  Later in the week just feels off even though I'm not working right now.  I was horrible to my hair last week and it made it know with the amount of hair that shed during the shower and detangling (I'll share those in a minute) since I had it in a flexi set and really didn't do much of anything to it at all last week.  Shame on me, I've already done better this week even with the crazy weather and more insomnia than you can shake a stick at.  Wash day was uneventful, prepoo lasted a few hours, wash is actually getting more streamlined and then after air drying a bit I worked through my hair, added my leave ins and flexi set my hair again.  By Wednesday or Thursday it will either be down totally or washed again so we have no more week long tangles to deal with.

Looking at my edges in side by sides has shown some growth--not massively overflowing growth but considering the weather changes, traveling, and admitted off week I think it's decent for a month and proves my hair is not trying to abandon me it was just mad at my disinterest.  Back to the oils and conditioners on the regular.  Enjoy the photos.

 Edges Shot--starting to fill in slowly but surely

 Hair loss after 3 comb detangle, hair was pissed--so was I

Hair tangles that said bye bye in the shower

Hair after all the detangling, it was late and I didn't want to set up the length check shot


  1. You must have the patience of a saint! And here I am resenting the fact I need to use a leave in conditioner.

  2. Nah the wash day is actually a pretty soothing routine now. Makes me slow down and take care of me. Plus I skip sitting under a hair dryer or using a blow dryer so I roller set my hair and go to sleep usually. Hair is dry in the morning and springy curly. I didn't always use a leave in either but my hair likes it so much better than the alternatives.

  3. The edges are filling in pretty well within this short period!! This is great news!

    1. Yeah it is, I was surprised that it had really only been a month when the edge disappeared basically. Gotta keep tending to it though.