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April 5, 2013

Why Raising a 61 Year Old is Hard or I Wish I had money for shoes

I know I've mentioned that mom lives with me and I think I mentioned why.  Regardless, today after I got up early and reached out to the job site about what I would need in order to take the position I got a knock on my door.  My mother was sad and accusatory because my sister in law had reached out about her lack of visiting and was very upset.  They know my mother is difficult at times but I don't think they fully understand that her emotionally maturity level is probably around the same point as their kids.  If she can't get what she wants how she wants it then she doesn't want it and won't go to whatever it is.  I get why they are upset, I need a break from her and would be happy for her to spend more time with her grand kids.  I've said as much but every year post surgery she gets more and more obstinate about what she is willing to tolerate and how long she is willing to visit if I won't be there.  These moments make me miss dad all the more because he LOVED kids and would be all over the grandfather thing. Oh well.

I really want these shoes but either can't find them in my size or can't find them without paying 60 bucks on them--yeah can't do that for Oxfords I saw in Marshall's for 16 bucks.  So if you see a sale or the other pair in a size 9 please let me know.

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