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March 29, 2013

Forgive my tardiness...

This week has been a total and complete whirlwind.  I just got my first workout in tonight as a result and yes I realize I didn't do my weigh in on Saturday but I promise it was just because I was totally preoccupied with getting ready for my trip.  I will do it on Saturday just to keep the day consistent but I'm not sure if there will be any weight loss netted despite having upped my workout count significantly this month.  I'm going to rework how those stats look too because I want to see as much encouragement in that section as possible.  Okay so let's get on with the updates.

  • Trip was a MESS.  Travel time wasn't massively an issue.  Lots of layover time and then rushed to get us out of Atlanta otherwise we wouldn't be able to land in my final destination.  You know that great snowstorm that battered half the country?  Yeah flew straight into that.  And my drive to the hotel that should have at most taken an hour took a bit over two.  I got to my hotel at midnight, took forever to fall asleep, and then got up three hours later to get ready for my interview.  Yeah no interview because of the bad weather.  My original day of departure turned into interview day and then back to the airport to get home again after midnight because of computer glitches.  That killed the Sunday through Tuesday workout days and yesterday I had class so no workout then either.  Not good excuses just reality.  But the hotel did have the ID channel so it was a tiny win.
  • Because of all the travel delays I actually read an entire book.  I completely scoured The Hunger Games and was a little sad at the last lines.  I wasn't clamoring to read the next one but it left me sated and didn't piss me off the way I was with the first Twilight book that I STILL have not finished. It had good pacing and enough character development that I cared about the main characters even when they weren't in the pages that much.  And oh poor Rue, just not fair and especially not what ends up happening to all the fallen tributes.  Regardless it was a good book and I'll eventually get around to the others.
  • As best I can tell and this is being as honest as I can be, I totally checked out during that interview.  I answered everything they asked, had fun during my presentation and shot the breeze with the non staff folks BUT I wasn't there.  I was desperately hoping nothing got delayed so I could get home and get some sleep.  Everyone was nice and the area is nice as best I could tell but really I wasn't fully invested like I have been which is why one of the next updates will shock you cause it sure as heck shocked me.
  • Class went well again and only one more week till it's all over.
  • During class my phone rang which is atypical because I'm just not that popular.  If it's not family then I usually ignore it and since I wasn't going to be free until 10 I ignored it.  Turns out it was my last interview calling to make an offer.  Yeah the one I was checked out on.  No real details now and I really need to pray on if I want it or if I want to keep waiting for something that is my ideal position even though those may not come through.  And let me be clear there's nothing wrong with this position short of it's the opposite direction from my family.  Still haven't heard from the previous interview even though my mentor seems convinced I should be hearing from then soon.  That position would be closer to family sort of but after seeing a picture of my nieces today I really want to be somewhere I can hug them all the time.  Neither site allows for that right now.  Decisions decisions.
  • I finally counted up my workouts since I knew I had been doing better this month.  Of the ten workouts I've done since January 1, 6 have been this month.  I want to try to get in at least 10 for next month and if possible 15--every other day or so since there are 30 days next month.  More than that would be ideal but gotta work with what I can.
  • My hair is on some BS right now.  The prepoo with heat was great.  The combined deep conditioned with heat not so much.  My Hydration Elation did not love the Mixed Chicks being added to things.  Granted I went in and out of snow and chilly weather so that could have impacted things a bit but it will be nice to wash it and see how things go.
  • Mom's birthday is tomorrow so after she finishes squealing I'm sure it will be off to Red Lobster or something else.
  • Oh and the Miami Heat lost so the streak is over and that is the best news ever, after the job offer of course.
How's things with you all my fair blog readers?

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