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February 20, 2013

Hair Updates

This may or may not be long.  When I got back from the interview last week I was really looking forward to wash day and then Sunday came and I wasn't so much--I think because I didn't have to teach on Monday night.  So Monday I said well yeah I'll handle that today and then I said nope it's a holiday and I need to mail stuff on Tuesday.  I contemplated doing it today but I'm getting may hair relaxed on Friday and that just seemed silly.  I completely forgot about it after I watched tv, bowled, made pizza and then watched Immortals.  I think I'll write a separate post on my movie watching habits lately.  It was very intriguing and that kept me semi awake so I figured I'd oil my scalp and seal my ends.  I haven't done it in forever and my scalp went woo girl what has been the hold up.  I have to do that more often than I have been cause seriously my hair and scalp is doing happy dance.  No picture cause it looks like NOTHING lol.  Just tied up for the night.  I also found some Hot Buns on eBay.  I have been wanting some for a minute but really didn't want to buy them from online cause I've been hearing tons of complaints online about shipping, delays, and overcharging.  They worked out to be the same price and no chance of random double billing.  I'll let you know how I like them.  Okay I think that's it for now on hair.  I'll tell you all about the movies soon.

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