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February 21, 2013

Insomnia is totally upping my movie watching

The only upside to having insomnia besides the random cleaning spurts is there are a lot of weird movies on and that some of them keep your attention more than you think they might upon initially reading the info box.  I may have mentioned a few of these before but in no particular order here are some of the random things I've seen because I can't sleep.

Suspect Zero (stars Sir Ben Kingsley and Aaron Eckhart and Carrie Anne Moss) is a movie about serial killers on the surface but it's also about a secret government program that taught men with special skills how to project their thoughts into the minds of those suspected killers in an effort to catch them.  Aaron is a disgraced agent trying to track down Sir Ben after Sir Ben keeps reaching out to him.  Well sort of reaching out to him.  Sir Ben has been driven crazy by the project and instead of helping to catch them is now killing serial killers and believes there's an alpha serial killer (suspect zero) who all other serial killers are either trained by or spawned from and who will never be caught.

The Skin I Live In (stars Antonio Banderas and Elena Anaya) is a movie about well it's just a screwed up movie that is told in various time frames jumping from the present to past randomly.  I seriously couldn't describe the move justice and it is subtitled so don't be surprised by that.  It's fascinating but really creepy. 

Immortals (stars Henry Cavill, Mickey Rourke, Stephen Dorff and Fredo Pinto) was totally kick ass.  It's dark a lot of the movie so that your eyes really do focus on what you can make out what's happening on screen.  On it's face it's an epic hero story as the hero comes to embrace his role.  And don't get me wrong that part is well done and I was embraced by Cavill and Dorff in their respective roles.  BUT OH MY GOD the scenes when the gods show up as themselves and not those shells they use to interact with humans were EPIC.  I am usually not shocked by much or can figure out what's going to happen in a movie which I hate but in this case I totally didn't care and was stunned quite a few times by the visuals and movements of the gods when they made their all too brief appearances.  And hats off to Mickey Rourke for showing he's still fantastic when given a chance to do so.  Oh and Zeus was BEAUTIFUL, so was Cavill as Thesisus.

Union Square (no one was stellar or outstanding and I only watched about half of it) is a tale of sisters finding their way back to each other and seemed like it ended abruptly without anything being resolved.  Could have skipped it and kind of wish I did.

Under the Tuscan Sun (starring Diane Lane) I think I've mentioned a billion times and I love so I won't go into more detail but if you haven't seen it please do for no other reason than seeing characters from Grey's Anatomy dating as a lesbian couple in this movie (Sandra Oh and what's her face that left for Private Practice).

The Decoy Bride (with David Tennant and Kelly MacDonald) I loved and adored cause it was cute and quirky and made me smile and I totally need to buy it on dvd so I can watch it during my rare girly moments.

Breaking Dawn part 2 (starring you already know and I'm too lazy to type them all out) wasn't as bad as I thought it would be as I couldn't even get through the first book but I will say I'm still creeped out by the whole Jacob imprinting on the baby he was there to kill part.

Kinky Boots (great British movie with weird names) is about a boot factory that's struggling to hold on until the owner meets a cross dresser who needs sturdier shoes and boom pow a new audience is found and they rebound with a great new line and show in Milan.  I made it super simple but there are several layers of growth and exploration in it.  Good movie.

Jolene (starring Jessica Chastain and Chazz Palimentari) good movie that follows main character throughout a bunch of experiences that put her through the ringer. 

Molière is another subtitled flick and was fascinating to watch them interact with all the French affectations and drama that had to be present then.  it's about a playwright who tries to help a man capture the attention of a woman, not the man's wife, and all the things that ensue as a result.  I can tolerate subtitles well though and hearing the other language helps me pick up on a few words from time to time.

Elle: A Modern Cinderella Tale just skip

I'm sure I'm missing some but that's part of the insomnia stuff too.  So there's my update for now.  Tomorrow if the roads are clear it's creamy crack day. 


  1. Under The Tuscan Sun is a great movie! Not too schmaltzy, not too deep, just right to get lost in.

    1. Yeah it is, enough to make you think about what if but not enough to make you rethink your entire existence.