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February 12, 2013

Pre Interview Hair Do

I wasn't sure I was going to be able to get in and see my hairdresser but as usual she was a life saver and hooked me up.  We consulted for a bit and opted to dye my hair.  My roots turned dark purplely black.  My gray hair keeps saying give me free I swear.  We had to do another cycle of black dye on just my roots and I left looking less like a blue black flower and more like a normal human type girl.  I have used my February heat pass since we blow dried and flat ironed my hair.  I am almost 12 weeks post so my roots were in need of something since I opted to not go in for my quarterly dose of creamy crack.  However, I did get that scheduled and will be getting relaxed on one of my projected dates.  I'm going to roll it tonight and tomorrow night but I have to say my hair is SUPER soft and very bouncy right now which I adore and my hairdresser hit me with some heat protectant before she flat ironed.  I love her and she's part of why I hesitate about leaving here.  She's great and works with me a lot.  As she was playing with my hair she noticed the natural curl pattern and again encouraged me to go natural.  I told her yeah I can't right now cause my brain won't let me.  However, we did talk about maybe texlaxing or giving a longer stretch a try if I can stay up on things on my end.  I love my curl pattern around this part of my stretch too BUT I also like the ease of my relaxed hair without having to flat iron or do anything special to it when I want it straight.  I'll keep going back and forth on that one but I'm sure for now the most I'd do is texlax.

All in all today was a good day.  I did some work on my presentations for Thursday.  I took mom to run errands and managed to hit the bank, DMV (got my tags and mom's new i.d.), Wal-mart, the beauty supply store and get my oil changed and brakes checked out in two hours.  I was very proud of myself lol.  And I managed to not take more than a cat nap before I left for the hairdresser.  And I remembered to take her the braiding hair that I never use that has been sitting in a closet and the coconut oil I gave up on.  She was THRILLED with that lol.  Awww love her lol.  Okay I'm gonna finish unwinding and working on things for tomorrow since I've now checked in for my flights.  Oh and I got mom to take some pictures of the hair do before I laid down and crushed it lol.  You're probably gonna have to click on them to make them bigger cause she's not good with the zoom yet lol.



  1. I do too. Wasn't sure what hair style we were going to come up with since I really just need it to make it through the next two days, well one day I guess now since it's Wednesday for me lol and this is a travel day. The only thing I find funny now I guess I should say is the longer the hair on my sides get the more they fight holding a tight curl unless I have it rolled up for several hours. It makes no sense to me but I'll trade the curls for length lol.