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February 10, 2013

Wash Day & Stretch Notes

After saying I wouldn't do it again I didn't do much to my hair last week except tend to my edges.  I still had pretty respectable curls after a week using the snood instead of my old scarf tie down method.  There was minimal shedding in the shower but dentangled and saw a small puffball that is to be expected almost three months post relaxer but is still annoying.  My sleep cycle is still very off so I went to bed at 8 woke up and 1 napped till 2 and then got up and started working on my hair.  I prepooed for a little over an hour and realized I needed to clarify my hair because I haven't done it in eleven million years.  Okay so not that many but still a while.  I didn't follow up with the clarifying conditioner because it doesn't do a whole lot for my hair.  I went through my normal wash routine at that point and followed up with the As I Am deep conditioner for about an hour and then rinsed everything out.  The knots always multiply at this stage and I need to seriously not leave my hair in curls without a comb through first because they just laugh at me.  It took the better part of the hour to detangle.  I was going to flexi set but opted not to.  The pictures I took are crazy weird so I need to find a good spot to set up the camera and tripod again.  My hair was starting to puff and frizz by the time I was done combing through so I added some more leave ins and tied down my edges and am letting the rest of my hair out to dry straight.  Later tonight before bed I'll put them on rollers and enjoy a slight bump under before I got to class tomorrow night. 

I did notice as I was adding leave ins the sides of my hair were over my shoulders and at the longest point touching my collar bones.  I have no idea what length that will translate to when I relax but ha wet hair at my collar bones--insert happy dance or the girl doing the eff you sign language final--very very happy.  And because my hair was done well in time and I'm in a better mood than I have been the last few days I decided to show you photos of my products.  Not mine per se cause I'm being lazy but the ones I use in order.

The conditioners are added to the length of my hair and the Strong Roots to my scalp and massaged in.
 Clarified once using the rosemary mint batch.  I love the tingle from the mint.

I wash once with each of the shampoos then use the conditioners as instructed.  I think the light protein has been very helpful in keeping my hair from massive breakage during stretches.

I LOVE this stuff my hair feels great and when I wash out in the shower no tangles at all--I need to stop being lazy after I use it and rinsing out in the sink.

This has been the best combo so far.  I could eliminate one or two--and do from time to time but a dab of each makes my hair happy.

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