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February 22, 2013

Creamy Crack Claims another Coiffure

Not sure if I'm in violation of the Boot Camp on KISS because a tiny snippet was made at my ends today.  At first it felt like this stretch was kinda eh cause there wasn't major length retained but my hair feels super thick and considering I dyed it last week still feels super healthy.  I did stretch out the sides to show you were they are hitting but didn't do the back.  Next wash day I'll get out the length check shirt and we can make a good comparison of any gain.  Last week we noticed some breakage in the back and I have said it the last few relaxers but I have to do better.  It's a small section dead center that is hidden by the rest of my hair but it's super annoying.  This may have been more of a health stretch than length stretch but feeling where it is and what it's looking like among other factors makes me super happy.  Without further adieu here are the photos.


  1. Your hair looks very pretty. I understand the feeling. Sometimes we get to a point in our stretch where it seems like its doing more harm than good. Look forward to your length check.

    1. I need to take a picture of my hair when it's straight. I forgot to do it before I curled it last night for my interview. It's longer than I thought it was after the relaxer and curl. It's not APL or anything but the hair in the back is on my shoulders totally and the side/fronts are hitting the top of my collar bone.